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2 Actions to Take + Your Monthly Green Zone Fortunes Issue

What a month! On the good side, my team and I have worked tirelessly to release the first new trading system I’ve designed in years, Infinite Momentum Alert. The response has been incredible and humbling. On the bad side, markets have taken a turn and are on track to close out the worst trading month this year. Since September 1, the S&P 500 has lost around 5.6%, and the Nasdaq Index has lost more than 7% and is creeping toward correction territory. That brings me to this month’s Green Zone Fortunes issue. Simply put: I am not recommending a new position this month. I am recommending you sell two positions (more on that below).

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From No-Name to 370% Gains: What to Do Next With STRL

I don’t even know where to begin… Our position in Sterling Infrastructure Inc. (Nasdaq: STRL) is absolutely killing it! The company reported earnings on Monday, and the numbers were so good … the stock is up 26% in just two days. I originally recommended buying shares of STRL in October 2020 when it was trading for just $16.45 a share. Now it’s up to nearly $78 … and we have an open profit of more than 370%! We’ve, of course, taken profits along the way…

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Action to Take: Sell Shares of STEM and SQM

Today, we’ll say “Goodbye” (for now) … to two stocks. I’ll emphasize from the get-go that my team and I still believe wholeheartedly in these companies and their ability to drive the energy-transition mega trend we expect to dominate for years to come. It’s only the price action of STEM’s stock, and the newly-introduced political risk in SQM’s home country of Chile, that we’re concerned about. I’m recommending you exit your positions today, even as I fully expect we’ll have another opportunity to buy back into these stocks in the near future — whether that ends up being a month from now, or in the back half of 2023.

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