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SCYX, TRT and What History Shows Us

We’re officially through our first week of Infinite Momentum Alert trades, and it was a bit of a doozy. Earlier this week, I sent out an update after one of our 10 positions, SCYNEXIS Inc. (Nasdaq: SCYX), fell sharply following a voluntary recall of one of its breakthrough drugs. And then we took another hit when Trio-Tech International (NYSE: TRT) dropped post-earnings. It stung. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. But it was also a reminder that these things happen. And I’ll repeat our unofficial Infinite Momentum Alert motto:

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Answering Your Questions on SCYX

A few of you have written in today regarding SCYNEXIS Inc. (Nasdaq: SCYX), and for good reason… When the market opened this morning, the stock was down 45% … trading at just $1.83. “What gives?” “Is there reason to panic?” “Should we sell?” “Should we buy more?” The answers are no, no and no … but let me explain why.

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Weekly Update + Your Questions Answered

I’ve said it what feels like a million times now, but it bears repeating: I am thrilled that you have joined me as a charter member of Infinite Momentum Alert. It’s Friday, which I’m now dubbing “Infinite Momentum Day.” Each Friday, I’ll send an update that’s focused on this stock trading advisory. You can expect a mix of written and video updates that provide analysis of stocks within the current model portfolio, broader discussion on the strategy and other market observations. I’ll also take time to answer questions you may have as we get started on this journey.

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