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Performance Update for Month No. 7: What’s Going on With Small Caps?

I wouldn’t say it’s common knowledge… But amongst investors who are aware of investment “factors,” the so-called size premium is one of the better-known ones. It was also one of the first to be discovered, decades ago … and was quickly put into practice by countless hedge funds and quantitative trading firms. In layman’s terms, “small” companies have historically outperformed “large” companies, where size is measured by the market capitalization (aka market cap) of the stock.

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Member’s Mailbag: How Green Zone Power Ratings Factors In and More

It’s time for another Member’s Mailbag! As I mentioned last month, the volume of questions we’re getting each week has slowed a bit since we initially launched this service last year. That’s a good sign as I see it … as it shows we’ve already covered a lot of important topics and thus have a far better understanding of the strategy and how to implement it.

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Why 10 Stocks?

A few months back, a member of my team asked a poignant question about our Infinite Momentum Alert portfolio:

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Member’s Mailbag: How We’ll Navigate Wild Earnings Swings

This week’s Member’s Mailbag isn’t as long as it’s been in prior weeks. I see that as a good thing… It indicates that the high volume of question-and-answer content I’ve published since we launched last fall has grown your understanding of the strategy — and I hope your confidence in it, also.

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