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Trade Alert: Buy Calls on EA, FDX & CAG

Stocks have had a rough couple of weeks. The Volatility Index (VIX) spiked higher on September 20, but has since fallen back below the 20 level. Since we’re buying options, we want volatility to be low as we enter our trades. It means we can buy option contracts at more favorable prices. When searching for the perfect option contracts to recommend, I look for the ones that give us the best combination of “cheap” and “explosive.” And I’ve found three great plays today!

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Trade Alert: Sell Calls on PFE, KO & DKNG

It may not feel like it, but we’re moving in the right direction. That’s to say … this week’s loss is milder than last week’s. And I’m confident our first winning week with Wednesday Windfalls is just around the corner! One of the stocks we played this week, Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE), fell lower both yesterday and today. We’ll take a larger loss on this one. Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE: KO) looked promising yesterday, but it fell flat today and will result in a medium-sized loss for our calls. Finally, DraftKings Inc. (Nasdaq: DKNG) has more or less traded sideways since our entry. We’ll take a slim loss on this one.

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Trade Alert: Buy Calls on PFE, KO & DKNG

A majority of stocks are meaningfully in the red today. Psychologically, it can be tough to pull the trigger on days like this. But a down Monday is an important part of the pattern we seek to exploit. So decide on a position size that will allow you to sleep at night … then pull that trigger!

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Trade Alert: Sell Calls on PINS, RIOT & AAPL

Well, I say “Happy Wednesday” because that’s how I like to greet people I’m friendly with. I’m a cautiously optimistic person. But I’m not out of touch with reality … I’m well aware that yesterday’s sell-off torpedoed our first batch of Wednesday Windfalls trades. I know — bummer, right?! I will recap this week’s trades, but not in this trade alert you’re reading now.

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Trade Alert: Buy Calls on PINS, RIOT & AAPL

Welcome, Wednesday Windfallers! I’m excited to have you on board from Day 1 — and I already have three new trades lined up for you! Of course, our simple two-day trade shows up every Monday. So, if you need a week to “get your house in order,” no worries! You can start trading with us next Monday.

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