In just a few years, the crypto space has developed into an exciting (and profitable) corner of financial markets.

I see a lot of potential for this asset class, but I’m not a crypto expert.

Luckily, I know someone who is: Banyan Hill’s Ian King.

Ian and I follow a lot of the same investing philosophies. Our end goal is the same: to help you make money.

If you want to learn how Ian does it, watch his new presentation now.

And if you’re new to cryptos, or you just want to hear more from someone who has spent years trading this exciting asset, we’ve got you covered.

I recently interviewed Ian as part of my Ask Adam Anything YouTube series. He had so many great insights that I want to feature them in a crypto series for you, my readers.

We’ll start by touching on a different way to invest in the crypto space: buying stocks with crypto exposure.

And it doesn’t get much bigger than Coinbase (Nasdaq: COIN) and Robinhood (Nasdaq: HOOD).

Note: This is a transcript of Adam’s interview with Ian from earlier this month. You can watch the interview in its entirety above.

Crypto Expert’s Take: Bulls, COIN and HOOD

Adam: What is up, YouTube? I’m Adam O’Dell, chief investment strategist at

I’m normally joined by my research analyst, Matt Clark. But this week, we have a very special guest, Ian King, who is my personal crypto expert.

Ian has a lot of interesting things to talk about related to the crypto space. I was lucky to get him on this week to share his thoughts with you.

Thanks for taking the time with us this week, Ian.

Ian: Adam, thanks for having me. I’m excited. I don’t know if I’m an ample replacement for Matt, but I’ll do my best.

Adam: I think you’ll do just fine, especially in the crypto space. I’ve got a lot of questions I’m interested in getting answered from you.

I want folks to know a little bit about your background. But first, just to kick things off today, I’ve got five or six burning questions.

I’m going to do a lightning round. I’m going to ask you some tough questions. Are you game for that?

Ian: Let’s do it.

Adam: All right. Sounds good.

The first burning question…

I read yesterday in Bloomberg that Miami is the new capital of crypto. The city is hosting a Bitcoin 2022 conference now.

They have a 3,000 pound Miami crypto bull that is fashioned after the one on Wall Street, but this one has laser eyes.

My first question is: Have you seen the crypto bull? The follow-up question is: Do you think that Mayor Francis Suarez will be caught riding the bull and have a photo op?

Ian: I have seen the bull. It’s like a cybernetic bull compared to the one that they have down on Wall Street, which is actually on Broadway, by the way.

I think that the mayor could be excited enough this weekend to make his way on top of that bull at some point. I’ll be down there tonight, so I’ll look out for him.

Adam: Great. Well, I’d love to hear what you think of the conference. But yeah, I know that Suarez is a pretty big crypto bull, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the bull as well.

Second question: Is Coinbase a better buy than Robinhood if somebody’s looking to invest in a stock with exposure to crypto?

Ian: Absolutely, 100%. No question.

Adam: Unequivocal yes there. Wonderful.

We’ll have more from my interview with Ian in the near future.

But I wanted to see how COIN and HOOD stack up in my proprietary Stock Power Ratings system after Ian’s lightning round response.

COIN and HOOD stock rating

COIN and HOOD’s Stock Power Ratings on April 22, 2022.

COIN’s fundamental ratings look pretty good, but it’s still sporting a 29 overall. To read more about my take on COIN, click here.

HOOD looks rough, plain and simple.

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To good profits,

Adam O’Dell

Chief Investment Strategist