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Massive thanks to friend of the podcast Chris, who commented on last week’s Marijuana Market Update video:

Aurora cannabis stock request

Thanks to Chris for the comment!

Chris, absolutely! This week, the focus of our Marijuana Market Update is the headline-grabber Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB).

About Aurora Cannabis Stock

As Chris mentioned, Aurora has been in the news for several reasons:

  • Miguel Martin, the company’s chief commercial officer, replaced interim CEO Michael Singer — the company’s executive chairman. The stock is down 4.5% since the announcement.

    Aurora Cannabis stock CEO

    Aurora’s stock is down nearly 5% since it announced its new CEO.

The company also released preliminary financials for its fourth quarter:

  • Projected net revenue for the quarter between C$70 million and C$72 million — a 7% decline from the previous quarter.
  • Cannabis net revenues between C$66 million and C$68 million — a 5% drop from the previous quarter.
  • A 35% drop in marketing and administrative costs.
  • A $1.4 billion write-down of goodwill and intangible assets.
  • The termination of its partnership with Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC. Aurora will make a one-time payment of $30 million to end the contract in the first quarter of 2021. The company expects to save $150 million in fees and other costs over the next five years.

Perhaps the biggest issue here is the write-down.

Oversupply and Bad Judgment Spell Aurora’s Doom

Aurora Cannabis continues to produce way more cannabis than it can sell, which creates an oversupply issue.

Its increased cultivation was because the company believed its better-quality strains would push illegal cannabis out, but it was wrong.

Aurora was also wrong in its judgment of the rest of the legal cannabis market. Other companies are just as competitive, if not more so.

The write-down suggests that Aurora admits that its previous investments in the market were off-base.

The decline in net revenues show that the company continues to struggle turning a profit.

Needless to say, Aurora has a lot of red ink on its balance sheet.

According to my research, the company has negative $1.06 billion in trailing 12-month income and negative $216 million in operating cash flow.

And the stock has suffered since announcing a 1:12 stock split after Aurora’s share price dropped to under $1 earlier this year.

Right after the split, Aurora shares topped out at $17.40 per share. It’s dropped nearly 60% since.

Post-Split, Aurora Cannabis Stock Fell 60%

Aurora Cannabis stock

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