In this episode of my weekly Marijuana Market Update, I’m joined by Danny Brody, chief corporate officer of HempFusion to discuss the cannabis industry, CBD and how his company fits into the bigger picture.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I love data. I love to analyze and aggregate numbers, so they make sense to my audience.

I spend my days doing what I love — breaking down the numbers that drive the markets I cover.

But, in reality, there’s only so much you can learn from the numbers. Sometimes you need an inside scoop.

This is especially true in the Cannabis and CBD Industry, a young sector that doesn’t have decades of data to dig through.

I decided I needed to talk to someone within the industry.

In this week’s Marijuana Market Update, I’m joined by Brody to discuss what the future holds for cannabis and CBD.

Brody is a cannabis-industry native. Since 2014, Brody’s work has revolved around all things cannabis and CBD. He is also the co-founder and former vice president of The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd.

Brody also worked with cannabis companies like Emblem and PLUS Products. Before that, he worked for two leading independent Canadian brokerage firms.

Here’s a brief overview of our discussion. For the complete interview, watch this special edition of my Marijuana Market Update above.

The Cannabis Industry

First, Brody and I jump into the broader cannabis industry.

Here in the United States, five more states legalized adult-use or medical-use cannabis in the last election. That should help grow revenue within the sector, which you can see projections for in the chart below.

cannabis legality revenue

New Frontier Data, a leading cannabis research firm, projected that legal cannabis revenue could reach as high as $38.4 billion by the end of 2025.

In 2018, the same firm projected legal cannabis sales nearly $23 billion by 2025 — a big revision.

Brody said he thinks this number has the potential to be a lot higher in the near future.

“When we first started seeing these legal states coming on board from medical to recreational, it took almost 18 months,” Brody said. “Now we’re seeing states like Arizona do it in under three months. We’re in for a lot bigger market than people think.”

The Future of CBD

Brody’s place of work, HempFusion, specializes in cannabidiol (CBD) products.

CBD sales in the near future should also be pretty strong.

HempFusion is part of a growing CBD industry

Projections are that CBD sales, just in the U.S., could reach $23.7 billion by 2023, or a 221% increase from 2020 projections.

That is a pretty big boom for the CBD market.

But if more states legalize cannabis, CBD sales may take a hit.

Brody said this isn’t the most comprehensive outlook: He believes the CBD market will be bigger and more ubiquitous for long into the future.

“While cannabis takes all the headlines, the actual market for CBD is bigger and completely legal,” Brody said. “Why wouldn’t we, as an investor group, want to position ourselves early in something like that?”

Watch the latest Marijuana Market Update here for more insights from Brody.

HempFusion’s Future in the Cannabis and CBD Market

Hempfusion Wellness Inc. (OTC: CBDHF) calls itself “a CBD brand that puts the consumer first.”

The company produces hemp-based tinctures, capsules and topicals that can be used to relieve stress, sleep issues and a wide range of other ailments.

Projections are that CBD sales could reach $16.1 billion by 2022. With the increase of cannabis legalization and sales, the future of the CBD market is unknown.

But Brody said he and his team at HempFusion found a clever way to market and sell hemp-based products in large franchises throughout the U.S.

Find out how he did it in my most recent Marijuana Market Update here.

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