It’s official. Americans that received the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines will be eligible for a COVID-19 booster shot starting next month. This widens the net to include everyone following earlier recommendations that immunocompromised patients get a third dose.

With the delta variant breaking through the protection offered by two doses — and with the effectiveness of the vaccines appearing to wane over time — doctors are hoping a third shot will do the trick.

Let’s hope so!

If the United States is now recommending a three-shot regimen — which could evolve into an annual booster shot — you can bet that other countries will follow. In fact, Israel started administering third shots even before the U.S.

We won’t know how many people opt to get the booster for months. But it’s safe to assume that a good chunk of the population wants the greater degree of protection.

This can only mean one thing: A lot more shots going into a lot more arms!

The numbers here aren’t measured in millions or even in tens of millions. They’re measured in billions. And if, as I suspect, this becomes an annual booster, we’re talking about billions per year — every year.

There’s money to be made here.

COVID-19 Booster Is Only the Beginning

To start, there’s the obvious play in the vaccine makers themselves.

I highlighted Moderna Inc. (Nasdaq: MRNA) last month, noting that due to its short trading history, it doesn’t rate particularly high on our Green Zone Ratings system. But the stock scores very well in several of the factors that are less affected by short trading history, such as volatility (85) and quality (95). And perhaps most impressive is that Moderna rates an 82 on growth, despite being penalized by the lack of history.

Moderna stock rating 819

Furthermore, the company’s prospects are virtually unlimited. Moderna was the early pioneer in mRNA technology, which goes far beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Moderna has promising mRNA treatments in the pipeline for cancer and HIV … and a flu vaccine that could be hitting the market as soon as 2023.

As I’ve said repeatedly throughout 2021, I believe this revolution in genomics — or DNA-based science — will ultimately be bigger than the internet in terms of its potential to change our lives and generate wealth.

That’s not an exaggeration. I am stone-cold serious because it goes far beyond medicine. As I wrote earlier this month, Microsoft is working with its partners to create DNA-based data storage. We’ve reached the end of the line for silicon-based computer technology. Engineers are now looking at ways to incorporate biomolecules in computer design.

I believe that genomics will be the single most important investment trend of the next 20 years. But for my readers in Green Zone Fortunes, I have a more immediate opportunity that I expect to deliver market-crushing returns.

It ties in directly to the COVID-19 booster shots. This company made a fortune in 2021 by making supplies that were critical to the vaccine rollout. And with that rollout now including a third shot and an even larger medical trend developing, I expect this company’s profits to keep rolling in.

I just revealed this stock recommendation to my Green Zone Fortunes readers earlier this week. There is still time to get into this trade early, and you’ll want to do that as I believe this stock could easily double over the next 12 months. Act fast!

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To good profits,

Adam O’Dell

Chief investment strategist, Money & Markets