Medicare for All, Housing for All, universal childcare, Baby Bonds, boosting Social Security payments, the Green New Deal, high-speed internet access in rural areas, a Freedom Dividend — just to name a few policy proposals floated by 2020 Democratic hopefuls, who seem hellbent on spending everyone else’s money, particularly rich peoples.’

The Hill opinion contributor Madison Gesiotto, an attorney and commentator who serves on the advisory board for the Donald Trump campaign, penned a recent op-ed outlining the many ways Democrats are prepared to set your tax dollars on fire for their social welfare programs.

Per The Hill:

A trillion dollars here. A trillion dollars there. The Democratic candidates have unveiled yet another unaffordable socialist scheme that would make you pay more in taxes. Bernie Sanders, who wants to transform the United States into a Marxist fantasy, is touting a new “Housing for All” plan that is projected to cost taxpayers $2.5 trillion. “In the richest country in the history of the world, every American must have a safe, decent, accessible, and affordable home as a fundamental right,” the lawmaker said in a statement, adding that voters “need a homes guarantee.”

This utopian vision sounds nice until you realize that there is no such thing as free housing. Taxpayers will be forced to fund this gargantuan program one way or another. Sanders even admits that his new housing plan, which includes nationwide rent control, would also impose a 2 percent “empty home” tax on the property value of vacant residences. But as frightening as this $2.5 trillion housing initiative seems, it is not the only fiscally unreasonable proposal to come from Democrats in recent months. Sanders himself has already announced a $16.3 trillion climate plan that aims to destroy the fossil fuels industry and ban fracking.

Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren have touted similar progressive environmental policies with costs that would range between $3 trillion and $10 trillion. Even the leading “moderate” Democratic candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, has proposed a climate plan that would cost at least $1.7 trillion. Of course, there is only one place where the candidates can get this much money to pay for their preposterous policies, and that is the money in your wallet.

Unlike President Trump, whose policies have saved citizens an average of $1,400 last year, the Democrats would have to raise taxes dramatically to fund their socialist schemes. Their climate policies would devastate our communities by totally dismantling our national energy infrastructure, creating an economic disaster of an unimaginable scale.

For all their stylistic differences, the Democratic candidates share a common policy vision to throw trillions of dollars at a problem and pretend that it will go away. This sort of intellectually lazy extremism has become the mantra of the modern Democratic Party, and that alone is a very compelling reason to reelect President Trump in 2020.

Editor’s note: Gesiotta is hardly an unbiased observer considering she works for the Trump campaign and the GOP is dogged in its efforts to project everything they don’t like as “socialism.” She mentioned Trump saved average citizens $1,400 last year with no context or facts to back that up, and Americans are paying more for goods thanks to Trump’s tariffs. So is she exaggerating or does she make good points?