Folks, I know that the market is up one day, down the next.

Major indexes are in bear market territory (or close to it).

But this is a buying opportunity that we only get once every 10 years or so.

The 2020 coronacrash … I don’t consider that a true bear market. It happened so fast, and it was due to outside factors.

But if you look back at 2018, that was a scary bear market.

The Last “Real” Bear Market

2018 bear market chart smaller

In 2017, stock market indexes rose more than 20%. You can see that in the left side of this chart. There was almost no volatility. It felt like everything you bought just went up. It was a great year.

And then 2018 was scary. Stocks peaked in September of 2018. And then they fell more than 20% into Christmas Eve.

We had a bear market in the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 100. And folks were scared at the end of the year. They didn’t want to get into new stocks.

But I’ve been doing this for a long time.

A bear market is not the time to panic. It’s the time to buy.

Let me show you how the 2018 bear market created a chance to 38X your money — and how we’re preparing for the next round of 1,000% winners.

Buy an Index … Gain 100%

If you’d bought the S&P during that bear market, you’d be up almost 100% now — even after the most recent bear market drop.

If you’d bought the Nasdaq 100, you would’ve doubled your money. And again, that’s after the current fall.

So it’s worth repeating: A bear market is not the time to panic. It’s the time to start buying at attractive prices.

Go Deeper … Find 1,000% Winners

Now, with a trading system like mine, you don’t have to buy the whole market. You don’t have to buy the S&P 500 Index fund.

You can buy individual stocks that are poised to do much better.

You also don’t have to buy falling prices. You’ve probably heard the phrase: “Don’t catch a falling knife.” I mentioned it last week when discussing Lattice Semiconductor’s 1000% run.

I designed my system to identify stocks that are already in uptrends. These are stocks that have significant market-beating momentum.

So you put those two together: Individual stocks and market-crushing momentum … and then you factor in attractive prices, which you can get after or during a bear market.

If you combine all of that with lucrative, multidecade mega trends that are growing far faster than the economy … then getting a 1,000% return on a stock is doable.

10F Adam secret bear market

And that’s only the beginning for some of these stocks.

Last week, I showed you Lattice Semiconductor, which gained almost 1,100% in a short time.

This week, I want to show you another stock my system identified that did almost 4X better.

Enphase Energy: Small- to Large-Cap Stock in a Flash

I’m talking about Enphase Energy Inc. (Nasdaq: ENPH).

Enphase is now a $20 billion company. But it wasn’t always this large and valuable. Back in 2018, during the bear market I’m talking about, Enphase Energy was worth $600 million.

It’s gone from a $600 million company to a $20 billion company in four years.

Enphase was founded in 2006. It’s a newer company based in Fremont, California.

Enphase mega trends

Enphase develops and installs residential solar energy systems. This include microinverters, which convert the energy collected from the sun into usable energy.

Enphase also offers cloud-based monitoring and optimization software, so you can optimize the energy that you’re pulling in from solar at your house.

And it offers AC battery storage, so you can store that energy overnight when the sun’s not out.

Solar energy is a huge mega trend that my team and I are heavily invested in. And Enphase is a top-notch company.

Enphase has grown its earnings per share by two times! It’s doubled them, on average, every year for the past three years.

But again, the best time to get into Enphase was during that bear market of 2018.

When everybody was running scared and panicking, my system was looking for stocks to buy during that bear market.

ENPH Ripped 3,800% Higher

And my system, which looks for a positive trend and market-beating momentum, identified Enphase Energy.

It gave me a buy signal on November 29, 2018. So before the rest of the broad market had bottomed, Enphase Energy’s stock was climbing higher. It gave a buy signal when the stock was trading at $5.57 per share.

Again, this was during a major bear market, and Enphase was not immune to the sell-off. Shares dropped 48%, and then ENPH climbed out of that hole.

By mid-February of 2021, this stock was trading for $214!

Enphase Energy stock performance

Folks, that’s a 38X return, or 3,842%!

That’s an absolute monster run from Enphase Energy.

  • It had the huge renewables and solar energy mega trends in its favor.
  • It had the attractive prices coming out of a bear market. Why wouldn’t you buy a stock at 50% off if everything else checks the boxes?
  • And my system identified that buy signal on ENPH in November of 2018 because it was already trending higher when the market was falling. It had market-crushing momentum.

This Bear Market Will Offer the Next 1000% Opportunity

The take-home message this week is: Don’t be scared of a bear market.

You also don’t have to buy falling prices.

So the system that I’m getting ready to share with everyone … I’ve used it in an options trading service for over 10 years now. I designed it to identify huge rallies.

We’re looking for 10X winners or more. And these 1,000% gains often come from smaller up-and-coming companies that are poised to be huge players in mega trends that will drive the market in the coming months and years.

And they are set to rip higher out of this current bear market.

If you want to see how you can take this system for a test drive, click here. We’ll put your name on our VIP attendees list for my special presentation on June 9.

I hope to see you all there!

To good profits,

Adam O’Dell

Chief Investment Strategist