In this edition of The Bull & The Bear podcast, I pit gold vs. bitcoin and tell you what I think is the better hedge bet in 2021.

For decades, seasoned investors have used gold as a means to hedge against potential market downturns and inflation.

Gold doesn’t have any credit or default risks; it holds intrinsic value because of its limited supply. If you wanted to protect your portfolio against market downside or a rise in inflation, you held gold in some form.

Today, investors have added a new asset to the list of potential hedges: cryptocurrency (more specifically, bitcoin).

In this episode of The Bull & The Bear, I compare using gold vs. bitcoin as a hedge against a market downturn or a rise in inflation.

Gold vs. Bitcoin: The Better Hedge Bet

Bitcoin is similar to gold as a viable hedge. Bitcoin, like gold, is in limited supply — only 21 million coins are available.

Since most bitcoin is traded against the dollar, if the dollar goes down without a corresponding drop in bitcoin prices, bitcoin value goes up.

But there is downside to bitcoin.

This chart shows just how high the cryptocurrency can rise, but also how far — and how fast — it can fall.

But investors still struggle with whether gold or bitcoin are better safe-haven plays against a market downturn or inflation.

I’m going to tell you in this week’s episode of The Bull & The Bear.

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