Ron Paul Liberty Report co-host Chris Rossini dropped some truth bombs on today’s episode, lambasting the Federal Reserve over the degradation of Americans’ purchasing power all thanks to Federal Reserve money printing and monetary policy.

“All of this taking of our purchasing power is unconstitutional, it’s the exact opposite of what the Constitution says money should be.”

Rossini explained how no one realizes yet, but the damage has already been done, the punch bowl has been spiked and rampant inflation is coming.

“The money has already been created, it’s in the system by astronomical levels. They’re still even pumping on top of it hundreds of billions recently,” Rossini explained. “So it’s already in the system and you can compare it to somebody at a bar that drinks excessively. The alcohol is in the system, the damage is done. Even though everything looks great at the moment, the hangover is coming and it’s unavoidable.”

Rossini said the real slap in the face is how the Fed wants to, of all things, “make up” for recent low inflation, as if they’re doing us a favor.

“Isn’t that nice of them? It’s like a guy on the street saying: ‘You know, the last time I robbed you I let you keep that 20-dollar bill. Well, today I’m making up for it; give me the $20 as well,'” Rossini quipped. “All of this taking of our purchasing power is unconstitutional, it’s the exact opposite of what the Constitution says money should be.

“You know, we want our money to increase in value. I want to be able to buy more with my money, not constantly less. You know, $5 used to buy me two, three loaves of bread. Today, $5 buys me one loaf of bread. That’s what the Fed has done to me and to everyone else. That’s what they do to the value of the dollar when they create by the trillions and hundreds of billions, and they can call it QE or whatever other name that they want but the result is the same: They’re taking our purchasing power from us, it’s unconstitutional and it’s wrong.”

Rossini said when the excuses start flying, particularly from the left, you should know that it is the Fed that is destroying the wealth of all Americans, but particularly low-income earners and the middle class.

“When the prices really … go up to where people really notice and start complaining about it, you have to know that the Fed is the culprit because you’re going to hear every excuse in the book,” he explained. “You’re going to hear that it’s the greedy businessman, probably from the left. That’s who they’re going to attack; ‘How dare they raise prices.’ As if businesses, they have to deal with rising prices, too.

“It’s not the businessman. It’s not going to be Russia or China or any other name that they pull out of a hat. It’s the Federal Reserve. They’re the ones that create the money, they’re the ones that dilute its value, they’re the ones that are responsible for the rise in prices.

Editor’s note: Here’s a little real-word tie in with exactly what Rossini is talking about: I, like all of you, have certain things I buy frequently at the grocery store and yesterday when I bought two items, I saw that the price had gone up on both. The chips I buy, Kettle Brand, are usually two bags for $6, and a case of beer is $21.99.

I went to Publix, a grocery store chain here in Florida, and the chips are now two bags for $6.20, and the beer shot up all the way to $23.59. What sorts of price increases have you noticed on general everyday goods you’ve bought recently?

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