It may not seem like it, but the 5G revolution is still on the horizon.

The reason it doesn’t appear like it’s coming is that conversation has been muted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Any timeline companies had to roll out 5G technology is pushed back because the focus has been on a global health crisis.

Another reason to think 5G is happening as fast as it was initially billed is that tech stocks, including those related to the 5G revolution, haven’t performed as well as they did before the outbreak took hold of the economy.

The Federal Communications Commission recently started the process to create a $9 billion fund to expand 5G technology into rural areas. This is a huge potential rule that would provide funds to deploy 5G service across the country.

And it’s going to be big for major 5G revolution players.

Another Big Step in the 5G Revolution

In addition to opening up a process for companies to expand 5G technology into rural areas, the FCC gave the green light to Ligado Networks to launch a low-power nationwide 5G network.

5G revolution

Banyan Hill’s Amber Lancaster

Banyan Hill Publishing’s Amber Lancaster, the Director of Investment Research for Bold Profits, said this news will open a lot of doors for things like connected vehicles and robotaxis. Those are big parts of “America 2.0,” which focuses on how to profit from the technological paradigm shift related to the rollout of 5G.

“Let’s face it, this is where 5G really counts for us. The potential stock gains for this driverless revolution will be huge,” Lancaster said.

While investors can look to companies like AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) and T-Mobile US Inc. (Nasdaq: TMUS) for gains in the 5G revolution, other companies stand to profit by adopting the technology for things like automation and vehicles.

“Where potential stock gains can be made is in the revolution of autonomous self-driving cars right on our local streets,” Lancaster said. “These cars, specifically EVs or electric vehicles and robotaxis, are in the works by tech innovators.”

Tracking Our 5G Stock Performance

While a lot of tech companies have fallen amid the coronavirus crash, we’ve had some of our recommendations land in the green.

In our “5G Stocks to Buy Right Now,” we’ve seen success with cell tower provider Crown Castle International Corp. (NYSE: CCI). Since we recommended CCI, the share price has jumped 12.6%, including a $1.20-per-share dividend.

Telecom equipment manufacturer Ciena Corp. (NYSE: CIEN) has also gained, despite the market downturn. Shares of Ciena are up 10% including a $0.36-per-share dividend.

Keep in mind that, while most 5G-related stocks have declined, once we are clear of the COVID-19 pandemic and business gets back to some level of normalcy, these stocks are going to get back on track.

That means strong potential gains for investors who jumped in when the share prices were low.

The key is to look for those companies that stand to benefit from the 5G revolution. And don’t just eye those mega stocks making all the headlines. Look at semiconductor manufacturers, infrastructure providers and companies that will use 5G technology to their benefit.

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