You know you’re made it in life when you can wear a cowboy hat into space in your own rocket and not care what anyone thinks.

That’s Jeff Bezos…

Cowboy hats and rockets aside, Bezos is best known as the founder of and as the world’s richest man. He is a visionary who even isn’t afraid of making his own business obsolete. He famously told his company that one day, Amazon would fail, but that the job of the company’s leadership was to delay that date as long as possible through constant innovation.

That’s advice we can all apply to our own lives!

Jeff Bezos Wants to Live Forever

Jeff Bezos Walmart Amazon Forbes 400 wealth inequalityBezos was in the news again this week. Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, Bezos is reportedly an investor in Altos Labs, a Massachusetts-based company working to essentially reverse the aging process by “reprogramming” cells to resemble stem cells.

Altos Labs isn’t public, so we couldn’t invest in it even if we wanted to. And I’m quite cynical of the actual company and its ability to do much more than garner press. To me, it smacks of two crazy rich guys (the other being Yuri Milner, a Russian tech billionaire) funding a pet project because, well, they can — they’re filthy rich. Offering scientists a fraction of a fraction of their billions of dollars to research whatever they’re curious about … c’mon!

It’s important to remember that Bezos doesn’t have the same motivation for investing as you or me. He can throw millions or even billions into a pet project out of nothing more than idle curiosity. Again, this is the man that wore a cowboy hat into space because he could. I need to have a more realistic return on my investment before I take the plunge.

But I mention this because we live at a time when “reversing the aging process” is no longer science fiction. While still early, it’s within the realm of possibility. Breakthroughs in genomics, or DNA-based science, has made this something that no longer sounds crazy or fantastical.

We Are Still in the First Act of the Genomics Revolution

I’ve been writing for months that I believe the genomics revolution is the greatest investment opportunity of our lifetimes … even bigger than the internet circa 1995.

In just the past year, we’ve already seen what genomics is capable of doing in medicine. In record time, our country produced two COVID-19 vaccines using mRNA technology. This was just the proof of concept.

Moderna has mRNA treatments in the pipeline for cancer and HIV and a seasonal flu vaccine that could be available in pharmacies and doctor’s offices as soon as 2023. DNA-based medicine has the potential to eradicate genetic-based diseases as well as more common ailments. And if Altos Labs has their way, genomics could eliminate aging itself.

These are just the medical applications, which by themselves would be enough to change the world. But genomics goes a lot further than just medicine.

Genomics Goes Beyond Health Care

Genomics is being used to revolutionize agriculture, creating drought and pest-resistant crops. It‘s even replacing the computer as you know it, or at least parts. Microsoft is funding a project that aims to use DNA to store data — yes, like a hard drive. The implications for energy conservation alone would change the game.

And again, this is just the tip of the iceberg. As I said before, the investment potential is bigger than the internet. It goes beyond Bezos’ quest to live forever.

Genomics are a major investment theme of my Green Zone Fortunes service. My readers locked in 91% gains in the first half of my highest-conviction genomics play in just over four months last year. But we’re just getting started. I’ve regularly added new genomics plays to the model portfolio, and I’m always looking for promising new opportunities.

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To good profits,

Adam O’Dell

Chief investment strategist, Money & Markets