Former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell said in a tweet that has since been deleted that she hopes Hurricane Dorian, which is currently bearing down on South Florida, makes a “direct hit” on U.S. President Donald Trump’s resort at Mar-a-Lago.

Here is a screen shot taken by another Twitter user of the tweet before it was deleted.

Canadian Prime Minster Mar-a-Lago Hurricane Dorian

Campbell was Canada’s prime minister for less than a year in 1993, so I’ll forgive you if you’ve never heard of her — not many people have. But she posted the ill-advised tweet Wednesday morning before later deleting it and apologizing.

Hurricane Dorian is barreling toward Florida’s Atlantic Coast and will reportedly be a Category 4 storm when it hits. Current projections have it making landfall in West Palm Beach, Florida, home of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

Canadian PM Minister and Mar-a-Lago and Hurricane Dorian

Campbell has since apologized, saying the tweet was “intended as sarcasm — not a serious wish of harm.”

Campbell has of course been bombarded by angry people from all corners of the country over the painfully insensitive tweet, and has since retweeted a number of anti-Trump tweets, bashing the president for his environmental stances and deregulation.

Whether you like Trump or not — and there are understandably many people on both sides of the fence on this — you shouldn’t wish harm to an entire region and all of the people living there because of your own personal dislike of the president or anyone else.

Editor’s note: Most of the team here at Money and Markets lives and works in South Florida in the direct line of fire of Hurricane Dorian. Luckily, staff writer Eugene Townes is currently out of state and should be able to keep everyone abreast of the Wall Street goings on after Monday’s holiday in case the power is down here. To all our friends and readers here in South Florida and areas that will be affected by the hurricane, be prepared, have a plan of action, stay safe and we wish you the best.