I’m getting older.

I feel it in my back when I first wake up in the morning.

And I know it for sure when I see my daughter getting ready for college.

If you’re my age (or older), you absolutely must have plenty of savings and income to pay for …

  • College tuition costs, which have risen a whopping eight times faster than wages …
  • Health insurance costs, which have gone through roof since 2014, far surpassing other consumer price hikes (see chart below) …
  • Ridiculously high co-pays and medical expenses that health insurance has never covered and probably never will …
  • Not to mention all the things people dream about doing but never get a chance to — mainly because of all the other surging costs.

Adding insult to injury, millions of Americans now face a veritable retirement nightmare:

Insolvent pension funds!

Skimpy 401(k) plans!

Massive Social Security deficits!

And a Medicare system that’s careening toward bankruptcy!

It’s a travesty.

It means you can’t count on former employers, governments or any other institution to be there for you in retirement.

You’ve got to take matters into your own hands.

First, in your investment portfolio, focus on stocks that merit a high Weiss Rating and pay solid dividends.

I say that not only because of their relative safety and better income … but also because we see a strong undercurrent of flight capital that’s driving up their prices.

Second, always maintain a solid cash position. No matter how attractive the stock market may seem right now, history proves that it’s a big mistake to put all your money at risk.

Third, avoid wild shots in the dark and stick with strategies that deliver a consistent stream of steady, consistent results.

And to help you down that path, we’ve invested over $3 million to develop an income investing breakthrough like none other in the 48-year history of our company.

It won’t make you a gazillion dollars from a single stock trade.

It’s far more realistic — and 99.7% RELIABLE — than that: a unique new way to generate cash for your retirement, your hobbies, or your weekend plans.

This opportunity starts with a strange market anomaly that hits every week.

Once you spot the anomaly, you simply log onto your brokerage account … press a few buttons … and the cash hits your account instantly.

These payout average around $1,000. But if you want, you could also make multiples of $1,000.

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And thanks to our income investing breakthrough, you could have collected three times … five times … or even 10 times more, depending on your level of commitment.

If you missed it, that’s OK. There will be another instant-income opportunity this coming Friday.

To learn more, simply watch this tutorial video.

There’s not much we can do about getting older. But we can take some simple steps to ensure the years we have ahead are secure, comfortable and enjoyable.

Until next time,

Mike Larson