Washington Times Opinion Editor Stephen Moore has a theory about what has the left so riled up these days: They hate prosperity.

Actually it’s a bit more complicated then that, and it has more to do with President Donald Trump and how the better the economy performs under him, the more “unhinged the left becomes,” and that goes for the mainstream media as well, Moore says.

Per The Washington Times:

That’s why the monthly jobs announcements and the quarterly GDP reports, like the one released on Friday, are the unhappiest days of the year for the Trump haters. News of 3.5 to 4 percent growth and seven million surplus jobs are the bane of the resistance movement’s existence.

So with the economy flying high, the pundits who all predicted Mr. Trump would shut down the world economy, have had to continually invent new reasons that Donald Trump is the worst thing to happen to the United States since typhoid fever.

Consider the latest group rant by the left: Donald Trump has moved the GOP to the far right and has hijacked the principles of the Republican party. Whatever happened, they ask, to the good old days when moderates in the GOP used to compromise, cut deals with Ted Kennedy, and capitulate?

Think. What do all these Republicans have in common? Losing. Sure, everyone likes playing with the lovable loser who comes each week to the poker game every Thursday night and blows $200.

Moore goes on to say people like Bush, Dole, McCain and Romney are now regarded as statesmen and political icons, even to those on the left. Why? Because they’re “lovable losers” where Trump’s crime is that he is winning.

Mr. Trump’s crime is that he’s a winner. Which is why the left now pines for, as The New York Times recently put it, “principled Republicans.” The party has “lost its way and abandoned what it stood for.” Nicholas Kristof writes in The Times that “sure there are principled people left in the Republican party” — by which the left means people who oppose Mr. Trump — but “as a national movement the GOP is hollow.”

What they don’t understand, Moore says, is that Trump is winning in part because of his appeal to blue-collar voters, and now the left has demonized them as “culturally inferior rednecks” and as a gang of “deplorables.”

But that’s where they’re wrong, Moore says. And that’s why they’ll keep losing.

The problem for the Trump haters and the reason they are so spitting angry is that Mr. Trump is changing the country — for the better. Seven of ten voters rate the economy as good or great. Liberals are doubly angry and frustrated because they were so sure he would fail. Hmm. Perhaps they are the ones who are intellectually inferior.