Dallas Mavericks owner and ABC “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban is the latest billionaire to pile on surging Democratic primary candidate Elizabeth Warren, saying her campaign against the wealthy only diverts “attention from her income and net worth.”

Taking to Twitter over the weekend, the billionaire investor, one of many who has made it a point to call out the Massachusetts senator, highlighted by the fact that Warren is, in fact, part of the wealth class that she is crusading so hard against.

According to CNBC, Warren herself is worth a whopping $12 million.

In another tweet, Cuban congratulated her for being “filthy rich,” and said her success has put her “above the threshold for being part of the richest 1 percent by networth (sic) in our country.”

Cuban was slightly off on his rankings, as Warren is actually “only” the fourth-most wealthy behind billionaire Tom Steyer ($1.6 billion), former Maryland Rep. John Delaney ($232 million) and Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet ($15 million). If Michael Bloomberg enters the race, his $52 billion would top the list by a long shot.

But, according to the latest polls, Warren is really the only one in that mix that has a shot at taking on incumbent President Donald Trump.

The billionaire NBA owner also took a shot at Warren’s ideas for funding Medicare for All, a health care plan that is being pushed by many Democratic candidates. Cuban said Warren is “intellectually … misleading the public” with estimates the plan would cost $20.5 trillion over a decade. Some experts think it will actually require around $32 trillion over the same amount of time, $10 trillion more than what the national debt is already at.

Warren’s wealth tax proposal would place a 3% levy on Cuban because he is worth over $1 billion. However, she’s also threatened to double the tax on billionaires to 6%, which has drawn the ire of other billionaires like Leon Cooperman, Jamie Dimon and even Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

She also isn’t taking the criticism in stride. Warren is staying on the offensive, and has reportedly bought airtime on CNBC to launch a new ad campaign titled “Elizabeth Warren Stands Up to Billionaires.”

The ad launched this morning and it specifically targets Cooperman and a few other well-known individuals among the ultra-rich, including Trump donor and supporter Peter Thiel.