In recent weeks, the Money & Markets team has often been talking about the Momentum Principle (“buy high … sell higher”).

And for good reason!

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Adam has beaten this drum since before I started working as his managing editor almost three years ago. Back then, I was just getting to know who he is and what his systems are all about.

But he always returned to one consistent: Momentum.

Momentum as an investing strategy isn’t an old concept. Only in the last 25 years or so has it gained the respect and following it deserves.

You see, it helps remove the more “behavioral aspects” of investing from the equation.

You could also call this the human element — and we’re all guilty of falling into these traps from time to time while investing our hard-earned money.


How Momentum Leads to Outsized Gains

Here’s how Adam explained the human element:

These biases, or “mental glitches” as I like to call them, are baked into the human psyche. And we all suffer from these glitches … we have suffered them for all of human history, and we always will.

Most importantly, they systematically create the mispricing of stocks, whereby they are either underpriced of overpriced for some period of time. And it’s the mispricing of stocks that momentum investors take advantage of to earn market-beating returns!

Adam floored me with his depth of knowledge regarding this seemingly overlooked factor.

And the best part about momentum: It’s hardwired into the Green Zone Ratings system for stocks — a free resource at that helps you identify high-momentum stocks that are poised to crush the market by three times over the next 12 months!

There’s an easy way to juice the returns of high-momentum stocks, which Adam covers in his Millionaire Master Class.

The strategy uses the same principle idea behind his options-trading Cycle 9 Alert service … one he’s been using since 2012.

And during that time, he’s smashed the returns of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway with returns including:

  • 407% in 56 days
  • 428% in 58 days
  • 498% in 120 days
  • 336% in 63 days
  • 111% in 63 days
  • 197% in 75 days
  • 140% in 65 days
  • 114% in 17 days
  • 117% in 35 days

These aren’t hypothetical returns either. These are real gains his readers of Cycle 9 Alert were able to take to the bank!

With gains like these, who needs Wall Street?

“I Couldn’t Be Happier!”

Take Robert R., for example. He’s a Green Zone Fortunes subscriber who wrote us to share his success with Adam’s Momentum factor:

I couldn’t be happier with Green Zone stock recommendations. I have been reading your articles for several years now and finally was able to invest in [three stocks]. Unbelievable returns already! I worked for a large home improvement store and participated in their 401(k) program. I invested in one of the better mutual funds that was offered. At the end of the year it had earned a lousy one percent. That’s when I decided to the pull trigger and invest according to your picks. All I can say is WOW!

Thanks for sharing, Robert! We’re glad to hear that the Momentum Principle wowed you!

And with Adam’s Millionaire Master Class, you, too, can learn how to capitalize on the momentum factor.

How about you? Do you have a success story you’d like to share?

Did you follow advice from Adam or one of our other experts at Money & Markets that paid off? Maybe you’ve used Adam’s Green Zone Ratings feature to find your own winning stock.

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