It’s hot outside.

Last week, 90 million Americans were under heat warnings or advisories.

Europe also just experienced a record heat wave across the continent.

These extreme conditions put pressure on natural gas — a key element used to create the electricity that powers air conditioners.

In today’s episode of The Stock Power Podcast, I share a 96-rated Power Stock that is a massive player in U.S. natural gas production.

Summer Heat Means Gains for Natural Gas Stocks

Oil and natural gas companies make money when the price of the underlying commodity goes up.

Couple that with increased demand due to the summer heat, and those same companies are well set for greater profits.

In today’s podcast, I share a company that develops, explores and produces natural gas and natural gas liquids in the U.S.:

  • Its stock earns a “Strong Bullish” 96 on our Stock Power Ratings system!
  • It’s on track to break its annual revenue record this year.
  • Its trailing 12-month profit margin is a whopping 82%.

The trend shows natural gas prices will not curb demand.

Natural Gas Prices Climb as Demand Increases

Europe is in the midst of an energy crisis, as sanctions cut its natural gas supply from Russia.

In the U.S., extreme summer heat forces us to crank up our air conditioners, even as natural gas prices rise:

The chart above shows the trend in U.S. natural gas prices.

Prices have increased 54.6% this month alone!

High prices and increased demand mean strong gains for natural gas stocks.

In this episode of The Stock Power Podcast, I share the details about this “Strong Bullish” stock that earns a 96 overall rating!

Listen below to see why we expect it to beat the broader market by three times over the next 12 months.

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