Power stations need natural gas to provide electricity to homes and businesses.

With winter approaching, the demand for this resource will soar.

But Europe is facing a mounting energy crisis that U.S. companies can help avoid.

In today’s episode of The Stock Power Podcast, I share a 96-rated energy Power Stock with a strong portfolio of natural gas properties in the U.S.

Europe’s Natural Gas Crisis Worsens

Europe is facing an energy crisis of epic proportions.

When Moscow slashed its delivery in 2021, Europe suffered because Russia accounted for 40% of its supply.

This week, it went one step further.

Russia has shut off all gas supplies to Europe until all economic sanctions are lifted.

Norway is now the leading exporter of natural gas to the continent, but that’s not enough.

Countries will turn to the U.S. to fill growing demand as winter approaches.

This week’s Power Stock is a company that explores and produces natural gas from its properties in the U.S.:

  • It earns a “Strong Bullish” 96 on our Stock Power Ratings system!
  • The company reported a 256.3% increase in revenue from natural gas sales.
  • Its stock has been up 81.9% over the last 12 months.

This massive leader in natural gas production will play a critical role in helping Europe avoid a deep freeze.

Natural Gas Demand on the Rise

Energy demand is growing around the world.

And natural gas is key:

The chart above shows the expansion of global natural gas power generation.

We’ll expand our natural gas power capacity by 31.3% from 2020 to 2050.

This means more fuel is needed to power those plants.

With Russia already capping its exports, Europe is in desperate need of natural gas.

In this episode of The Stock Power Podcast, I discuss this "Strong Bullish" U.S. natural gas stock. It earns a 96 overall rating!

Listen below to see why we expect it to beat the broader market by 3X over the next 12 months.

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