The stock market returns about 10% per year on average (as measured by the S&P 500).

Professional investors and top hedge funds can do even better.

For years, Renaissance Capital’s Medallion Fund has dominated the market, with 66% annualized returns going back to 1988.

Meanwhile, the average “Main Street” investor?

They make just 1.9% per year, according to a decade-long study from market research firm DALBAR.

1.9% … that doesn’t even beat inflation!

That kind of return certainly won’t cut it in the years ahead, either.

So today, we’ll look at a few of the critical factors that hold most Main Street investors back…

And delve into three of the most profitable new investing strategies for the 2020s.

Breakout Profit Strategy No. 1: Mike Carr’s Apex Alert

Just to be clear — I’m not trying to discourage you from investing.

Every bit of academic research shows that the stock market is a phenomenal way to grow your wealth.

And there’s nothing wrong with taking a conservative approach when it comes to the hard-earned money you’ve saved over the years.

But that same conservative approach can also hinder your performance.

It’s the reason why so many investors hold onto money market funds long after they made any financial sense…

It’s also why so many of us still have lackluster dividend stocks in our portfolios…

And why is Main Street missing out on strategies like my colleague Mike Carr’s Apex Alert?

Month in and month out, Mike’s Apex Alert never ceases to amaze me.

Because when you think of a breakthrough trading strategy, you usually think urgency.

You think of experts scrambling to stay on top of the headlines and up-to-date on the hottest stocks.

Apex Alert is the complete opposite. Because Mike has every single trade planned out months in advance, delivered in a format that anyone can follow…

His system accounts for a whole universe of factors — including everything from major economic data releases to trade shows and industry conventions.

Then Mike used decades of historical backtesting to create the “Apex Profit Calendar,” with an entire year of trades planned out down to the day.

Apex Alert is about as unconventional as you can get.

But the results speak for themselves.

Since its inception in October of last year, Mike’s Apex Alert strategy has delivered an 87% win rate across all trades.

Go here to see how.

Breakout Profit Strategy No. 2: Green Zone Power Ratings

Discipline is arguably the single biggest challenge for Main Street investors in today’s market.

Once again, it’s your hard-earned money on the line. Sometimes, it’s hard not to get emotional about it.

We’re also awash in new opportunities.

From cryptocurrencies and NFTs to “zero date” (ODTE) options or even strategies like Apex Alert.

There’s no shortage of excitement in the stock market, especially in the tech sector. So it’s easy to get carried away and bend your rules for what seems like a great opportunity.

We all make these kinds of mistakes. We’re only human, after all.

But if you’re aware of the “human” factor … if you account for it and stick to your discipline instead of simply “going with your gut,” then you have a serious advantage.

That’s where Green Zone Power Ratings come in…

It’s a system I’ve developed and refined over the course of more than a decade.

And it’s all about balance.

Balancing 74 different independent factors across six different categories, the system combines both technical and fundamental analysis to give you an unfiltered look at what a stock is really worth — and its expected performance over the next year or so.

In ten seconds, just glancing at a stock’s Green Zone Power Ratings can save you hours of online research.

For example, in last Friday’s Banyan Edge, we looked at the ratings for Wall Street’s four biggest AI stocks. You might be surprised at what those ratings revealed.

Best of all? Green Zone Power Ratings is completely free to use! Just visit the Money and Markets website and enter any ticker in the search bar.

Simply by sticking to your discipline and using the ratings system to guide your investments, backtesting shows you’ll consistently beat the market 3-to-1. That’s an annual return of over 30%.

Breakout Profit Strategy No. 3: Mike Carr’s Accelerated Income System

The latest breakout strategy for 2024 is so new that it hasn’t even been revealed to the public yet.

But this Thursday, April 25, at 1 p.m. ET, Mike and I are going live with the Accelerated Income Summit.

During this event, Mike will be sharing every detail about his newest proprietary system…

Like how it helped him achieve a 95% win rate over the last year…

Only making trades between Wednesday and Friday of each week…

Collecting profits within 48 hours each time.

It’s truly a shocking technology — and has the potential to revolutionize retirement accounts, as Mike discussed prior to the event (read it at this link here if you haven’t already).

Tune in on Thursday and find out why Mike believes this will be his most successful trading strategy yet.

To good profits,

Adam O’Dell

Chief Investment Strategist, Money & Markets