Is there a company out there to beat Tesla?

No way!

Tesla is not a car company … it’s a technology company. And its electric vehicles (EVs) are only one of the many transformative TSLA game-changers.

But Tesla spreads a fire for innovation in the automotive world.

Fasten your seatbelt because the next 10 years is set to be a transformative decade for the EV revolution.

You have a chance to lock in gains from the whole EV market. Specifically, 10X growth is up for grabs if you invest now.

The first is your way into the market before it soars 858%.

Checking out all the Tesla features before taking off!

I can tell you, these cars are wicked fast, filled with cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) tech, low maintenance and renewable energy on wheels.

And right now, a major shift is happening across the global auto manufacturer market.

From Tesla to rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology that power EVs — it’s all helping lead the charge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in transportation.

Today, every major gas engine automaker is taking strategic steps to electrify their car lineup.

This spells a boon for the technology and components that power EVs, especially its battery.

This infographic from Deloitte Insights details the automakers’ timeline:

Just look at the massive growth coming for the EV market:

  • By 2021, Toyota targets 30,000 worldwide EV sales.
  • By 2022, Ford plans to have 40,000 EVs in their global portfolio.
  • By 2023, General Motors (GM) will have 20 EV models in their vehicle lineup.
  • By 2025, Volvo plans to reach 1 million EV sales representing 50% of its global sales.

And by 2030:

  • Mazda projects all their models will be EVs/hybrids.
  • Daimler’s EVs will comprise more than 50% of its portfolio.
  • GM’s Cadillac division will be a majority EV automaker.

Plans to reach these EV goals are in motion…

Plans That Will Push the EV Market to $1.2 Trillion by 2027

GM has tasked its Cadillac division to spearhead an EV rollout for the entire corporation.

To do this, GM informed its 880 Cadillac dealerships they’ll need to upgrade their facilities to accommodate the coming EV boom.

The upgrades will cost each dealership $200,000 and include lift equipment to accommodate heavier EVs, and specialist training and tools.

If a Cadillac dealership owner decides not to upgrade, GM is offering attractive buyouts between $300,000 and $1 million.

So far, just 17% of Cadillac dealerships have taken the buyout, which means 83% are bullish on the future EV trend.

Per Grand View Research data, EV demand is projected to increase nearly 10-fold by 2027.

The EV market is expected to grow 858% from $126 billion today to $1.2 trillion by 2027.

This is a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 38%.

Bold Profits EV projection

Projections show the global EV market is poised to soar. And that’s great news for you. We’ll be sure you’re positioned for gains ahead of the curve.

Your 2 Top EV Recommendations for the Next Decade!  

We are #BOP (bullish, optimistic, positive) for EVs at Bold Profits. The opportunity is so big, I have two ways for you to invest today … before that 10X market rise!

No. 1: There’s one tech that stands to reap the benefits of this production boom across the industry. That’s lithium-ion batteries. To gain exposure to the coming EV boom, buy shares in Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF (NYSE: LIT).

Up 108% over the past year, this exchange-traded fund (ETF) holds 51 of the leading lithium-ion and battery technology stocks.

LIT tracks the performance of the largest and most liquid listed companies active in exploration and/or mining of lithium or the production of lithium batteries.

It’s a must-have addition for a Fourth Industrial Revolution focused portfolio.

It’s an exciting and transformative innovation to add to your investing list in 2021 for the next decade of growth!

Until next time,

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Amber Lancaster
Director of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing