Everyone’s favorite Democratic Socialist (to laugh at), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, continued her soak-the-rich campaign this week and addressed her Green New Deal plan, which will combat climate change and rid the world of “farting cows.”

Appearing on an episode of Showtime’s “Desus & Mero,” the 29-year-old Bronx Congresswoman decried people for, of all things, making too much money.

Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal would tax earnings above $10 million a year with a staggering 70 percent rate to pay for her plan to combat climate change and a litany of so-called social injustices. According to her and her socialist agenda, a society that allows for rich people is immoral because poverty also exists.

“It really comes down to the question of, isn’t $10 million enough? When does it stop?” she said. “At what point is it immoral that we’re building Jeff Bezos a helipad when we have the most amount of homeless people in New York City?”

Ocasio-Cortez also addressed climate change and pollution, with Desus and Mero asking about a memo released and then retracted by her office that mentioned the environmental impact of “farting cows.”

“We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast,” the rescinded memo reads.

“In the deal, what we talk about, and it’s true, is that we need to take a look at factory farming, you know? Period. It’s wild,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “And so it’s not to say you get rid of agriculture, it’s not to say we’re going to force everybody to go vegan or anything crazy like that. But it’s to say, ‘Listen, we have to address factory farming. Maybe we shouldn’t be eating a hamburger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.’ Like, let’s keep it real.

“But we have to take a look at everything, and what we need to realize about climate change is about every choice that we make in our lives, you know?”

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