This week, I researched a cannabis stock several of you have asked about: Planet 13 Holdings Inc. (OTC: PLNHF).

Thanks to Vanya, Brent and Armando for asking us to take a look at this stock!

I’ll start with what Planet 13 does.

About Planet 13 Holdings

Planet 13 is a cannabis company that operates primarily in Nevada. In addition, it owns a pair of dispensaries in California.

Planet 13 owns just four total dispensaries, but its product is in about 33 stores in Nevada.

It operates what it calls “the world’s largest cannabis store” a few steps away from the Las Vegas Strip.

The company plans to open another “superstore” in Santa Ana, California.

The Planet 13 Cannabis Entertainment Complex won Leafly’s Nevada dispensary of the year in 2018, and it recently added non-cannabis products to its retail store:

planet 13 non cannabis

Source: Accesswire.

It’s also expanding its sales floor, adding cash registers and new entertainment to the facility as Las Vegas’ tourism starts to rebound.

Planet 13 has several different brands under its umbrella:

  • Medizin — billed as the company’s “premium” cannabis offering.
  • Trendi — a cannabis vaping product.
  • Leaf & Vine — disposable vaping products.
  • Purc Coffee — just coffee (not cannabis coffee).
  • Planet M — CBD-infused products.
  • Dreamland Chocolates — chocolate products infused with cannabis.
  • HaHa Gummies — THC-infused gummies.

Planet 13 Cannabis Stock

Financially, the company seems to be in the midst of a record-breaking quarter.

Take a look at some of the highlights:

planet 13 stock Q3

Source: Accesswire.

The preliminary sales figures suggest — barring any more lockdowns — that Planet 13 could reach $100 million in revenue during the fourth quarter.

But I think 2021 could be the breakout for Planet 13.

Take a look at the cannabis stock’s recent share price action:

Planet 13 Stock Rose From May to August

planet 13 cannabis stock

Shares jumped 472% from a low in March to a high of $4.01.

After that growth, the share price pulled back about 32% to $2.71 by the end of September.

However, you can see in the chart that the stock has started another run-up and is close to that $4.01 high.

Strong preliminary third-quarter earnings are likely the spark for that uptrend.

I believe Planet 13 has all the ingredients in place to put itself in the green, but three things have to happen. Watch today’s Marijuana Market Update to find out what they are.

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