The computer age has put mountains of digital data at our fingertips.

We have data on everything, from weather patterns to shopping patterns, from social media posts to emails and everything in between.

One academic study estimated the world creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day.

Just for perspective’s sake, that’s enough to fill up 10 million Blu-ray Discs. Stack those discs up and they’d be twice as tall as the Eiffel Tower. That’s just a single day’s worth of data.

It’s an overwhelming amount of data to work with, even for an army of analysts.

Which is exactly why artificial intelligence has been rapidly gaining popularity across the world. AI can evaluate data and make decisions 125,000 faster than the average human.

Through real-world application, AI is already transforming major industries across the board:

  • The Boston Red Sox finally won the World Series in 2004 because they used data analytics to field a winning team. The Chicago Cubs broke a long World Series drought with data analytics as well.
  • In 1997, the AI program Deep Blue defeated the world’s best chess player.
  • AI can now beat the best doctors at spotting cancer on X-rays.
  • Amazon uses AI to recommend potential purchases to you.
  • Health care firms are using AI to scan DNA, blood and other test results to spot problems with greater accuracy than human experts.

In each of these cases, AI has been the key to unlocking the true potential of massive data sets.

And there’s no bigger, more lucrative set of data than the history of U.S. stock prices and corporate financial statements…

AI’s Stock Market Takeover

Combining huge leaps forward in computing with the power of AI, we can now perform complicated analytical projects in seconds with trivial costs.

An analytical project that would’ve taken a professional a full month to complete in 1996 can now be performed in less than one minute … and at less than 1% of the cost.

Hugely expensive data analysis projects that were only in the realm of governments and large corporations can now be performed by a teenager in his parents’ basement at essentially no cost.

For financial professionals, that creates the opportunity to fast-track research in a way that wasn’t possible even just a few years ago.

My own team spent 10 years and $5 million developing the Infinite Momentum system, for example.

But it wasn’t until we plugged AI into the equation that we made it across the finish line — unlocking unparalleled 300-to-1 returns.

We’re not alone, either.

One of the world’s leading investment data analytics firms, a firm that I have a strong relationship with (I’ve used their trade management software in my Green Zone Fortunes stock research service for years now), has created its own new AI-powered software.

Nicknamed “An-E” for Analytical Engine, it scours millions of financial data points to predict future price movement — effectively allowing you to read tomorrow’s financial newspapers today…

TradeSmith & “Project An-E”

TradeSmith employs a staff of 36 data scientists, software engineers and investment analysts.

Its team has hundreds of years of collective experience in the software development and data science fields.

And it’s been ahead of the curve on deep AI for years.

TradeSmith has already integrated AI into a number of investment analysis programs — and they’re crushing the benchmark for stock returns.

But their newest project is their most ambitious yet. It’s an analytical engine built from the ground up to capitalize on AI’s massive analytical power.

The end result is a platform engineered to help you make much bigger stock market returns than you’re making now, while taking less risk.

They’re calling it An-E (short for Analytical Engine).

TradeSmith created An-E with a simple goal in mind: to determine the attributes of stocks most likely to go up in the near future.

It wanted to find what really works in the stock market.

They brought no preconceived notions to the project. No biases. No wishful thinking. No egos to defend. No past stances to justify.

They just let the data, and the AI analyzing the data, do the talking and answer the questions:

  • What stock factors have the most predictive power?
  • What type of stock-picking system will give us the greatest profit-producing edge?
  • What is the closest thing to having tomorrow’s stock tables in our hands?

Now, let me be crystal clear.

I’m NOT talking about predicting the future.

With Project An-E, the TradeSmith team looks to get closer than ever before.

They looked for an “edge” that you could exploit over and over and over again.

Start Investing Smarter With AI Today

Tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern time, I’ll be hosting live special event with TradeSmith CEO Keith Kaplan, where he’ll show us exactly what Project An-E is capable of.

You’ll hear Keith’s unique insights on the predictive power of artificial intelligence.

And you’ll discover exactly how AN-E is unlocking the power of Big Data to beat some of Wall Street’s top analysts.

This is a free live event for all Stock Power Daily subscribers. All you have to do is sign up HERE to lock in your invitation.

I can’t wait to see you there!

To good profits,

Adam O’Dell
Chief Investment Strategist, Money & Markets