Over the last few weeks, it seems like bitcoin is hitting a new all-time high every single day…

As I write, it’s trading north of $70,000 after rallying almost 60% year to date (it may be even higher by the time you read this).

Zoom out, and BTC has gained close to 200% in the last year alone!

If you’re already invested, then you’re on cloud nine, wondering how high it’ll go from here.

Meanwhile, millions of Main Street investors are still sitting on the sidelines, trying to puzzle out what the heck a crypto coin or blockchain even is.

In the grand scheme of things, cryptocurrency is still a very new asset class.

But the market is rapidly evolving and solidifying with each new breakthrough.

Think back just five years ago … when bitcoins were selling for a tenth of today’s price, but completing transactions was a chore. And if you ever lost your crypto wallet’s password, you were up a creek.

Now, you can buy and hold cryptos in brokerage accounts, and many businesses accept BTC as a form of payment online.

Add to that the SEC’s recent approval of bitcoin futures exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and the floodgates are open. You just need a way in…

Our colleague Ian King has been dialed into this market for years.

That’s why we’re doing things a little differently in today’s Money & Markets Daily.

Below, you’ll find an analysis from Ian and Banyan Hill’s director of investment research, Amber Lancaster.

Back in December, in Banyan Edge, Ian called this bullish wave of new crypto investors — spurred by the coming influx of bitcoin ETFs and the upcoming bitcoin 4th halving.

And get ready, because on Tuesday, March 19, at 1 p.m. ET, Ian is going to show you how to start investing in the crypto space before things could really take off.

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A Tidal of Wave of Crypto ETFs

The “green room” is coming.

03_15_24 green room wave

In surfing, the green room is the inside of a barrel that is produced by a wave. (The term was coined from the color of light reflected in the barrel.)

It’s that sweet spot where all surfers strive to be — to ride that wave all the way in.

My subscribers and I call ourselves “Tide Riders.” We follow the tides of market trends with the biggest momentum and the potential for investing opportunities.

And one of the tides I believe will have another breakout in 2024 … is cryptocurrency.

With the bitcoin halving event coming in the spring and about a dozen exchange-traded funds (ETFs) heading for approval in January — our sweet spot for investing in crypto’s next wave is about to arrive.

Crypto ETFs will open a whole new world in this space.

In fact, it’s one out of three key ways that crypto will begin to secure mass adoption in the finance world. (Watch the video below to find out more.)

See you in the green room!

Click the thumbnail below to start watching.

03_15_24 bitcoin etf thumbnail

That’s a wrap for today!

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to mark your calendars for 1 p.m. ET on Tuesday. That’s when Ian will tell you exactly what to do before the rapidly approaching 4th bitcoin halving.

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