In this edition of The Bull & The Bear, we’ve got three more stocks to buy.

A little diversity in your portfolio never hurt.

In fact, it’s highly recommended that you carry stocks from different sectors. It creates a nice balance … especially when one of those sectors is experiencing a downtrend.

That’s one of the things we look for at Money & Markets … smart and simple ways to diversify your portfolio.

This week, chief investment strategist Adam O’Dell, Green Zone Fortunes co-editor Charles Sizemore and I have three “Strong Bullish” stocks for you from three completely different sectors.

One of these companies carries a 99 rating on Adam’s Green Zone Ratings system!

It ranks high in volatility (98), momentum (91) and growth (91).

Our “Strong Bullish” rating means all of these stocks are set to outperform the broader market by three times in the next 12 months.

Check out this week’s stocks below!

3 “Strong Bullish” Stocks to Buy

1. PotlatchDeltic Corp. (Nasdaq: PCH)

This week, Adam is eyeing a real estate investment trust (REIT). PotlatchDeltic Corp. (Nasdaq: PCH) owns 1.8 million acres of timberland in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota and Mississippi. Adam likes PCH because it’s a play for both home building and real estate.

 2. Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Corp. (OTC: LIFZF)

Charles is going back into the commodities market for Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Corp. (OTC: LIFZF). In his words, it’s a “quirky, weird Canadian royalty trust tied to the price of iron ore.”

3. Super Micro Computer Inc. (Nasdaq: SMCI)

To round out this week’s stocks to buy, I am going with a company that specializes in servers and data storage. Super Micro Computer Inc. (Nasdaq: SMCI) weathered the recent tech sell-off, and I think it’s coming back for more.

Watch or listen to this episode of The Bull & The Bear now to see why each of these stocks made our shortlist this week.

And if you missed last week’s episode, Adam, Charles and I highlighted commodity stocks. Check it out here.

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