I know that the market’s dicey out there.

One day stocks are up, one day they’re down. And all three major U.S. indexes are well off their recent highs.

The thing is, when a stock index like the S&P 500 or Nasdaq 100 is down 20%, the threshold for a bear market, you can guarantee that individual stocks within the index are down 50%, 70%, sometimes even 90%.

Some of these stocks will turn into opportunities for 1,000% gains — and quick!

So really, during bear markets, I get excited. It’s not the time to panic…

A bear market is the time to buy.

A Bad Bear Market

The 2018 bear market was worrisome for people. There wasn’t an obvious cause for it, like there was during the 2020 coronacrash.

Looking back, 2017 was an amazing year. Stock prices were up double-digits. There was no volatility. Most people thought that was going to continue throughout 2018.

But then stock prices peaked in September of 2018. By Christmas Eve, we were in a bear market.

2018’s Quick Crash

2018 bear market chart smaller

It took less than three months for the stock market to fall into a bear market to close out the year.

And a lot of the folks I was talking with were freezing up. They didn’t want to buy.

Again, some of the best buy signals come during markets like these.

If you had bought a fund tracking the overall market during 2018’s crash, you’d still be up almost double, even after the most recent pullback.

That shows you that buying during these market downturns is the way to go.

Don’t Buy the Whole Market — Get Picky

The thing is, you don’t have to buy the entire market.

If you don’t want to buy an index fund, you can often find far better returns in individual stocks.

You also don’t have to buy falling prices.

My system is designed to identify individual stocks that are:

  1. In an uptrend.
  2. Showing statistically significant market-beating momentum.
  3. At an attractive price coming out of a bear market.
  4. And in a compelling mega trend, which can be massively lucrative for many, many years.

I don’t want to say it’s easy to make a 1,000% return on an individual stock.

But sometimes it’s just the beginning of the returns that you can get — because some of these stocks go far, far, far beyond 1,000% gains.

Digital Turbine: Like Facebook on a Smaller Scale

So last week I showed you one example, Enphase Energy Inc. (Nasdaq: ENPH), a solar company that was up well over 3,800% after 2018’s bear market.

And this week I have another example of a stock in a mega trend that my system identified during that same market.

This is Digital Turbine Inc. (Nasdaq: APPS). That ticker symbol is apt, as I’ll explain in just a moment.

Digital Turbine is currently a $2.5 billion company. It’s small.

But back in 2018 when my system identified this stock, it was tiny. It was worth just $127 million.

It’s grown from $127 million to $2.5 billion!

Digital Turbine has been around for a long time. It was born out of the late ’90s dot-com era.

It’s based in Austin, Texas, which is becoming something of a technology hub.

APPS mega trend bear market

Digital Turbine is in the mobile advertising and applications (apps) industry. It helps developers create apps and put advertising on mobile phones.

And it’s tapping into the digital economy mega trend.

If you think Facebook was a great stock for the digital economy, you need to take a look at APPS.

Digital Turbines’ earnings per share have gone up four times in the past year alone. It’s cranking out some profits.

But again, the best time to buy this stock was during 2018’s bear market.

While most people were panicking, my system was looking for fantastic buying opportunities during that bear market.

Digital Turbine flashed a buy signal on November 21, 2018.

Again, the bear market in the broad stock market index had not fully run its course.

Even as stocks fell, my system said: “Hey, look, the broad market’s in a bear market, but this specific stock is trending higher. And APPS has a lot better momentum than the rest of the market.”

The stock was trading for dirt cheap at $1.64 per share. It had already gone through its own bear market, after the stock had fallen 53% before our buy signal — not unlike a lot of stocks we see out there today.

By early March 2021, APPS was trading for $95!

APPS stock performance

So $1.64 all the way up to $95. That’s a nearly 60X return!

That’s a 5,793% gain in a rather short amount of time.

Again, this was a stock that:

  1. Was already trending higher.
  2. Had better momentum than the overall market.
  3. Was in a massive mega trend: the new digital economy.
  4. And my system identified it as a wonderful buy in late November of 2018.

We’ll Find More in This Bear Market

I hope you’ve enjoyed the past couple of weeks. I’ve shared some examples of 1,000%-plus trades that my system identified during the last bear market of 2018. [Click here to see how Lattice Semiconductor Corp. (Nasdaq: LSCC) grew 10X after that brutal crash.]

I don’t think this bear market is any different.

In 2018, we didn’t see the whole stock market and indexes go down 50% or 60% like they did in 2008.

Folks, this is a different type of bear market we’re dealing with in 2022.

You don’t have to be scared of the bear.

And you don’t have to buy falling prices.

I designed my system to identify these huge 10X-or-more winners.

And it’s as simple as identifying four market-crushing factors:

10F Adam secret bear market

A lot of times, we find these 10X opportunities in smaller companies within massive mega trends — before they’re household names.

That’s where the gains are. I’m talking about the potential to turn $10,000 into $100,000 in a much shorter time than you likely think.

If this type of system sounds interesting to you, click here and get ready.

I’m giving a special presentation next Thursday, June 9, that’s all about how my system that I’ve been perfecting for a decade now is set to find more stocks like APPS, LSCC and ENPH.

I hope you’ll join me for this special presentation. This is my most powerful, profit-producing system to date.

In my special presentation, you’ll see how you can position yourself for some absolute monster gains coming out of this down market.

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I’ll see you on June 9.

To good profits,

Adam O’Dell

Chief Investment Strategist