We have a special video to share with you today.

Back in March 2020, if you were invested in stocks, you might have panicked during the “corona crash.”

Many of us felt like the world was ending.

But Chief Investment Strategist Adam O’Dell was the picture of calm. He instructed his readers: Don’t panic. Follow the system.

And thanks to that approach, while plenty of traders lost their shirts, Adam’s subscribers made outsized gains — including a trade he recommended in the thick of the panic, which resulted in a profit of over 400% in just a few months!

And get this: The system that delivered that gain, and plenty of triple-digit winners in the past nine years, is one that Adam combined with his other most powerful strategy to form an unbeatable trading system.

We’re offering you first dibs to an event where Adam and Charles will reveal the details about this system.

100% Gains Guarantee

In today’s special video, Adam and Charles sat down with me to dish on their Home Run Profits event, which is happening in just five days.

At this event, for the first time ever, Adam is offering a guarantee.

If you follow this strategy, you will make 100% gains every month … for the next year.

That’s not hyperbole. He’s really guaranteeing it.

When he and Charles told me about the guarantee and their exclusive Home Run Profits event — which takes place next Tuesday, January 12 at 1 p.m. Eastern time — I knew I owed it to you to make sure you had the chance to attend!

Be sure to watch our video today for more details on the strategy — and to find out how you could soon take a portion of your portfolio and swing for rare yet massive home run profits … like 305% in 160 days 184% in 57 days 271% in 56 days 430% in 62 days 186% in 97 days … and 153% in 73 days.

You’ll be able to start 2021 right with this strategy. Be sure to claim your spot before anyone else does.

Sign up here for exclusive, first-look access to this special Home Run Profits presentation.

Stick to the System

One thing you have to see to believe is Adam’s track record.

In today’s video, you’ll see the long list of triple-digit gains Adam has made since 2012.

And you’ll understand why Charles and I consider Adam the foundation of what we do here at Money & Markets every day.

You see, every good trader follows a system.

This is the best way to ensure that you don’t buy or sell too soon (or too late) … or let an event like the corona crash scare you out of stocks and miss a huge rally.

To find out the origin story of the momentum strategy that makes up the first half of this new Home Run Profits system — and to learn what Adam combined with momentum to create this powerhouse system — watch the video here now.

And stay tuned to our YouTube channel. We’re back to our regular video schedule this week, with the Marijuana Market Update, two Bull & The Bear podcasts and the Week Ahead!

Safe trading,


Matt Clark

Research Analyst, Money & Markets

Matt Clark is the research analyst for Money & Markets. He’s the host of our podcast, The Bull & The Bear, as well as the Marijuana Market Update. Before joining the team, he spent 25 years as an investigative journalist and editor — covering everything from politics to business.