In this episode of The Bull & The Bear, let’s take a deep dive on a hyped up vaccine stock.

COVID-19 has had the world in its grips for the better part of 2020.

For months, there seemed no end to the spread in sight. New cases are still climbing higher as we enter the colder months.

But there’s good news!

The Vaccine Stock Rally

This week, several companies announced either favorable results from vaccines or fast-track testing of potential vaccine candidates.

It provided a bright spot in what has otherwise been a year most of us would soon like to forget.

The news of a successful vaccine candidate was great news for investors.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average — which dropped to around 26,500 in the last week of October — moved 10% higher in a little more than a week following the contentious presidential election.

That rally seems to be continuing following the vaccine news.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Climbs 10% in a Week

In this episode of The Bull & The Bear, I’m going to look at one of the companies that unveiled successful COVID-19 vaccine results.

More importantly, I’ll tell you if the latest news makes this vaccine stock one you should have in your portfolio.

I’ll run it through Chief Investment Strategist Adam O’Dell’s six-factor Green Zone Ratings system and tell you how the stock fares and what the numbers show us.

You’ll get insight on what you should do with this vaccine stock — if you are thinking about buying or already have it in your portfolio.

Remember, knowing the data and the details about a specific company helps you determine whether it is worth investing in.

That’s why we do the work for you by looking at this specific stock and give our analysis on it.

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