It’s hot out there!

It’s almost always warm and muggy where I live in Florida.

But my colleague and Green Zone Fortunes co-editor, Charles Sizemore, is in Texas where he says it’s just about unbearable as the thermometer tops 100 degrees almost daily.

Texas’ energy grid is under a lot of stress while it keeps homes cool. Energy demand in Texas even topped 2019’s record and surpassed 75 gigawatts of output last week.

That’s enough wattage to power 56 million homes!

I’m sure my friends in Texas will be upset when they get their electric bills for the month … I’d prefer not to think about it! (Sorry, Charles!)

But here’s a little nugget I found interesting: As power demand in Texas surged, solar and wind energy stepped up to shoulder the burden. Renewable sources produced more than one-third (about 27 gigawatts) of the energy Texans used during the recent heat wave!

Those electric bills will still be nasty, I’m sure. But imagine how much worse they would be if renewables weren’t able to handle the capacity. Electric utilities would have to buy oil and gas at current prices.

You thought prices at the pump were bad…

Renewables to the Rescue

It’s expensive to build out the infrastructure.

But once it’s built, we see little to no ongoing fuel costs in a solar or wind project. So renewable energy is immune to energy price spikes.

Apart from the electric bill savings, imagine just how much more expensive gasoline prices would be if drivers had to compete with the utilities for limited supplies of fossil fuels!

Renewables have also helped to keep a lid on gasoline prices. Yes, paying $5 per gallon is awful. But imagine prices if we didn’t have access to alternative sources.

In grand Texas fashion, renewable energy rode in like the Lone Ranger to save the day!

Renewable Energy IS the Future

Now, I’m a trader, and I try to leave any political biases at the door when I trade.

When it comes to profitable investing, I look at the numbers with unbiased eyes and let the data do the talking.

It’s obvious to me: Renewable energy is one of the greatest investment opportunities of our lifetimes.

Forget about climate change, global warming or the Paris Agreement.

Basic economics guarantees that renewable energy will continue to make up a bigger and bigger piece of the grid. Solar and wind power are now cheaper to produce than coal and natural gas in most markets.

Because we can produce these energy sources at the local level, we avoid making uncomfortable deals with sometimes hostile trading partners. (Think of the issues Europe is facing in trying to break free of its dependence on Russian natural gas.)

We’re not abandoning oil and gas anytime soon. In fact, we’ve ridden the traditional energy bull market in my stock research service, Green Zone Fortunes, since March 2021.

But the real growth — the durable, unstoppable mega trend — is in renewable energy. This is where the investment capital is flowing, and smart investors should have exposure there.

Renewables are not perfect. You can’t produce solar energy when the sun isn’t shining or wind energy when the wind isn’t blowing.

But these shortcomings create new opportunities for the companies coming to market with storage and distribution solutions.

That’s what the company behind my highest-conviction renewable energy stock recommendation is doing.

Watch my “Infinite Energy” presentation to see how this tiny Silicon Valley company’s revolutionary technology will unlock the largest untapped energy source in the world.

You thought the oil fields of Texas were big…

This energy source makes those fields look tiny in comparison.

And the company behind this tech is set to make its early investors a lot of money as it disrupts the global energy market.

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To good profits,

Adam O’Dell

Chief Investment Strategist