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Trade Alert: Is Bitcoin Back?

As I prepared to write today’s issue, the headline “Is Bitcoin Back?” came to mind. Then this morning on a company-wide conference call, our CEO Aaron James said within the first few minutes: “…And bitcoin is back…” So I guess that’s that — bitcoin is back!

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Trade Alert: 2 Ways to Play the Nuclear Mega Trend

They say: “Life imitates art,” or is it the other way around? At any rate, I find it no coincidence that a bright light is shining on the nuclear industry in 2023 — from Hollywood, California to … Piketon, Ohio? On the Hollywood side… Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer is the fifth highest-grossing movie of the year, taking in an impressive $322 million. The biographical film chronicles American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, known to many as the “father of the atomic bomb.”

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Trade Alert: An “Oil Man’s” Clean-Energy Company

“T. Boone Pickens.” If you have only a surface-level association with the name, you probably think of him as the Oklahoma-born businessman who made hundreds of millions of dollars in the oil and gas industry. Fair enough — he was and he did. Pickens was born in 1928 and passed in 2019, at the ripe age of 91. Not exactly the poster child demographic of the “clean energy” movement, right? But — despite pulling gobs and gobs of crude oil and natural gas from the ground — Pickens was indeed one of the first and most prominent “clean energy” pioneers.

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Trade Alert: Add a Tactical Hedge Position in SQQQ

As a quick reminder of our mission here at 10X Stocks: We’re building a portfolio of long-stock positions, each of which has the potential to return 10X or more over a multiyear holding period. We began building the portfolio last June — we’re only a year in and we’ve already seen three of our positions generate 100% or greater profits! That, to me, is clear indication that we’re on the right track. Our commitment to putting new capital to work throughout the bear market is already paying off … and I’m confident it will continue to pay off in spades once a new, sustainable bull market really stretches its legs. That said, the 2023 stock rally has been blistering hot. It certainly hasn’t been a “lift all boats” type of rally. But a select handful of individual stocks — particularly ones in the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 index — have generated year-to-date returns that don’t seem sustainable.

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