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Trade Alert: Add a Tactical Hedge Position in SQQQ

As a quick reminder of our mission here at 10X Stocks: We’re building a portfolio of long-stock positions, each of which has the potential to return 10X or more over a multiyear holding period. We began building the portfolio last June — we’re only a year in and we’ve already seen three of our positions generate 100% or greater profits! That, to me, is clear indication that we’re on the right track. Our commitment to putting new capital to work throughout the bear market is already paying off … and I’m confident it will continue to pay off in spades once a new, sustainable bull market really stretches its legs. That said, the 2023 stock rally has been blistering hot. It certainly hasn’t been a “lift all boats” type of rally. But a select handful of individual stocks — particularly ones in the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 index — have generated year-to-date returns that don’t seem sustainable.

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Trade Alert: Lock in Profits on HALF of Your YPF Position

Last September, I recommended adding shares of YPF Sociedad Anonima ADS (NYSE: YPF) to your portfolio. We recorded an entry price for our model portfolio of $6.74. And today, I’m happy to inform you that the stock has since roughly doubled in price. I fully believe YPF has “10X” return potential over the long run, so I recommend you continue holding a portion of your position toward that target. But I’m also recommending you take some of your chips off the table, once you’ve reached a 100% or greater gain.

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All About “AI”

Y’all … the Nasdaq 100 is cranking higher! It’s up 32% so far in 2023. That trounces the returns on the other major U.S. stock indexes: Dow Jones Industrial Average (flat), Russell 2000 (+1%) and S&P 500 (+10%). If you don’t know, the Nasdaq 100 is an index of the 100 largest companies that trade on the “tech-heavy” Nasdaq exchange.

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Trade Alert: Dynavax Technologies (DVAX)

It’s 2023 … and COVID is, finally, I think, a thing of the past! Frankly, I never thought I’d say that. We had our first son in October 2020, our second son in August 2022 … and so for the entire two-plus years of the pandemic, my wife and I were ultra-careful. We’d waited and tried a long time to have kids. The last thing we were going to do was jeopardize our health or theirs. Plus, we both majored in biology in college – I was on the pre-med track, and she was pre-vet – so we have a fairly healthy knowledge base and respect for all things science, medicine and epidemiology. Today, though, you don’t hear anything about COVID on the news…

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