Welcome back for the final part of my “Ask the Crypto Expert” series featuring my crypto guy, Ian King.

Ian has provided a wealth of crypto knowledge. (Click here to start from the beginning!)

I wanted to get some final thoughts from Ian. This is for the crypto newbies who are ready to start investing.

Check out what Ian has to say to 99% of Americans out there.

Note: This is a transcript of my interview with Ian that occurred last month. You can watch the interview in its entirety above.

Catch Up on “Ask the Crypto Expert”

Ian offered some insight for exciting, new updates around the corner for the future of Ethereum. Check out that and more below:

How to Get Started With Cryptos

Adam: Is it true that less than 1% of the population currently owns crypto?

Ian: Yes, if you consider every person in the United States.

Adam : That’s a large runway for adoption. Wonderful.

Let’s say I’m one of those 99% that doesn’t own crypto right now.

If I’m a total crypto newbie, what would you recommend as my first step to get into crypto? Opening an account at a certain exchange like Coinbase or otherwise?  What would be the first crypto to buy?

You’ve gotten your subscribers into some cryptos early and made thousands of percents of gains. Where can people find more information from you on this inside track of crypto?

Ian: I’m happy you asked. We put together a new report. You can sign up for a Coinbase account.

The coins highlighted in this new report are widely available. I didn’t want to do research on something that wasn’t for everyone to buy. Because there are some coins only available in hard to get places like decentralized exchanges.

The easiest thing to do is open a Coinbase account, sign up for our newsletter and get the new report.

Opportunity Beyond the Blue Chips of Crypto

Adam: That reminds me of something we’ve talked about before. You want to give recommendations that everybody can get into. Because a lot of crypto is specific. You have to go on some decentralized sites that are new and iffy.

I really appreciate that you stand behind your recommendations and make sure that everyone interested in getting into it is able to.

Ian: Yeah. But I would also add one other thing.

There is a little bit of an edge in going a step further to find something that not everybody can get to, right?

These assets, I believe, have such a head start in their prospective sector that I think they are the key ones to own, sort of the blue chips of crypto.

They’re not household names. Most people have never heard of them.

Most people have heard of bitcoin, ethereum and maybe solana. These are ones with a lot of venture money behind them. That money’s making things happen. They’re leaders in their categories.

But then there’s micro-cap and those super small-cap plays that are hard to find. It’s kind of like finding a needle in haystack, but that’s what we do.

We comb through the markets, talk to people, go to conferences and figure out what the next big idea is.

Adam: I know you found a lot of interesting ideas. It sounds like they’re in the sweet spot. These ideas are looking beyond bitcoin and ethereum, which everyone’s heard about. But they’re not the super speculative, tiny things.

There’s a lot of rug pulls and a lot of fraud in the market right now. I know that you stay away from that stuff.

Ian, thank you so much for joining the call this week.

We’ll be sure to follow up with you later this summer when things really get heated with the Ethereum merge. How does that sound?

Ian: Awesome, Adam. Thanks for having me.

That wraps up my discussion with Banyan Hill’s Ian King. I hope he helped you understand cryptocurrencies a little better. I know he’s helped me wrap my head around this exciting (and complex) asset.

Ian’s my crypto guy for a reason. He’s been helping his subscribers rake in tons of profits within the crypto space for years now. I’m talking about gains such as:

  • 1,061% on Binance.
  • And 1,934% on solana.

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To good profits,

Adam O’Dell

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