Driving along Interstate 95 in Miami, tall buildings dominate the skyline.

But one in particular catches the eye:

Paramount Miami Worldcenter image

Photo courtesy of Paramount Miami Worldcenter.

Smack dab in the middle of that photo is the Paramount Miami Worldcenter.

It’s a 700-foot, 58-story building with condos, shops and even a soccer field.

And one thing stands out on this massive building … there’s a lot of glass.

Each condo has floor-to-ceiling laminated glass that is specially designed to hold together even when shattered … especially beneficial in hurricane-prone South Florida.

And the market for this type of glass looks strong for the future:

Grand View Research expects the market value of laminated glass in the U.S. will increase 52.4% from 2020 to 2025.

Today’s Power Stock is a large laminated glass supplier — including glass used for the Paramount Miami building: Tecnoglass Inc. (NYSE: TGLS).

Tecnoglass stock power ratings TGLS

TGLS’s Stock Power Ratings in January 2023.

TGLS manufactures various types of glass used for residential and commercial construction around the world:

  • Insulating glass.
  • Laminated glass.
  • Monolithic glass.

Tecnoglass stock scores a “Strong Bullish” 96 out of 100 on our Stock Power Ratings system. We expect it to beat the broader market by 3X in the next 12 months.

Tecnoglass Stock: Outstanding Growth and Excellent Momentum

Tecnoglass Inc. had a record-breaking third quarter of 2022:

  • Its total revenue reached $201.8 million — a 55% increase from the same period a year ago … and a quarterly record for the company!
  • Quarterly net income was $46.9 million — up 126.6% from the same quarter last year … also a quarterly record.

Those numbers show why TGLS earns a 96 on our growth factor.

The company is also strong on our quality factor, where it scores a 95.

TGLS’s return on equity is 44%. Its industry peers average 12.7%.

Its margins (gross, net and operating) are also stronger than its peers.

These numbers all tell us TGLS is a terrific growth and quality stock compared to the rest of the construction materials industry.

Tecnoglass stock chart TGLS

TGLS stock is up 63.4% over the last 12 months. It currently trades just 6.9% off its 52-week high.

Its industry peers averaged a 9.4% decline over the same time.

From its recent low in November 2022 to its new high set earlier this month, the stock climbed 65.4% … showing the “maximum momentum” we love to see in stocks.

Tecnoglass stock scores a 96 overall on our proprietary Stock Power Ratings system.

That means we’re “Strong Bullish.” We expect it to beat the broader market by at least 3X in the next 12 months.

Bottom line: From tall skyscrapers to single-family homes, glass is integral in construction.

The market for specialized glass … like the laminated glass used on the Paramount Miami Worldcenter … is growing at a rapid pace.

Tecnoglass stock is a top candidate for your portfolio as it is a leader in producing quality specialty glass for the construction industry.

Stay Tuned: A Post-IPO Stock to Avoid

Remember: We publish Stock Power Daily five days a week to give you access to the top companies that our proprietary Stock Power Ratings identify!

But I’m switching it up tomorrow with another stock to avoid.

This stock enjoyed a nice run after its initial public offering, but now it scores in the red across the board on Stock Power Ratings.

I’ll tell you why this is one to avoid tomorrow.

Safe trading,

Matt Clark, CMSA®
Research Analyst, Money & Markets