In 2019, you can’t pick up a newspaper without reading about the massive growth in cannabis stocks …

For instance, if you’d invested $1,000 each in the following three cannabis stocks in 2016, your return by May 2019 would’ve been:

  • Aurora Cannabis: $19,780, a 1,878% return
  • Canopy Growth: $20,540, a 1,954% return
  • Cronos Group: $64,567, a 6,357% return

Now, these gains came after recreational and medical marijuana became legal at the state level.

But these kinds of fast-and-easy profits in the space are gone.

So if you didn’t get into pot stocks in the early days of 2014, you missed out on the outsized returns they delivered to early investors after exploding.

Now, you might be wondering: Is it still possible to make life-changing money in pot stocks? Is this something you should even want to do?

Well, I can answer both, without hesitation: Yes!

But not by investing in recreational or medical marijuana …

You see, there’s a “new” form of cannabis. It’s 100% legal across the U.S. In fact, you can find it on store shelves right now.

Unlike pot, this new cannabis doesn’t get you high. And right now, it’s the most in-demand form of cannabis on Earth …

New research by Merrill Lynch shows it’s disrupting markets generating $2.6 trillion per year in revenue. So if it captures just a fraction of these markets, it’s set to become a $260 billion market — practically overnight.

We’re already seeing this trend play out:

  • Earlier this year, pharmacy giant CVS announced it’ll sell this new legal cannabis on a trial basis at select stores around the country. Walgreens and Rite Aid are putting it on their shelves, too.
  • Heineken just launched a line of sparkling waters with this new legal cannabis as a key ingredient. Diageo — the beverage giant behind Johnnie Walker and Tanqueray — is formulating beverages with it. And Anheuser-Busch InBev is researching adding it into its beers as well.
  • One of the largest supermarkets in America is expected to start putting this new legal cannabis on its shelves — maybe as soon as this fall.

So you can still make a killing in this 100% legal cannabis market — just not with traditional recreational or medical pot stocks.

This is by far the best chance I’ve seen to turn a small stake into life-changing money since bitcoin was created and went from near $0 to $20,000.

And I don’t say this lightly …

Bigger Than Cryptos

Most people know me for my work in the cryptocurrency world. In fact, I’ve hosted huge events with crypto founders and blockchain pioneers. I even did a live event with popular TV and radio host, Glenn Beck.

Early on, I saw the potential to help people build wealth from very small stakes with cryptos. As a result, I’ve helped my readers get in on the boom and lock in extraordinary profits along the way …

That includes quadruple- and triple-digit gains from formerly tiny cryptos like:

  • NEO: 7,125%
  • Bitcoin: 1,798%
  • Ether: 1,298%
  • Monero: 704%

A small stake of $500 in each of these cryptos would’ve turned into $56,620. And $1,000 in each would’ve turned into as much as $113,240.

But now, you can make the same types of gains by getting in on the ground floor of this new, 100% legal cannabis market.

So where do we start?

A “Miracle Drug”

In December 2018, President Trump signed the Farm Bill, legalizing industrial hemp as a crop.

And it’s a huge tailwind for legal cannabis.

You see, the cannabis plant creates many types of products … including hemp.

Most people are familiar with one: marijuana (also known as pot or weed). It contains tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. It’s the psychoactive compound that makes people feel “high.”

Now, the federal government lists marijuana as a Schedule I drug. So it gets the same treatment as heroin, LSD and ecstasy. To me, that’s ludicrous.

Who knows when the feds will legalize it? But I still expect their stance to change in the future.

In fact, while it’s illegal at the federal level … medical marijuana is already legal in 33 states. And it’s legal recreationally in 11 states.

Another type of cannabis product, though, is hemp. It produces a chemical called cannabidiol, or CBD. And unlike THC, CBD doesn’t make you feel intoxicated.

CBD and THC act differently with the receptors in the body and brain. CBD provides many of the health benefits associated with cannabis — without making you feel “stoned.”

Clinical studies have already proven that CBD can treat childhood epilepsy. And it can serve as a natural wellness remedy for pain, inflammation, anxiety, and a whole lot more, too.

It’s no surprise people call CBD a “miracle drug.”

And while the federal government is still years away from legalizing marijuana, hemp is now legal across the country. That’s why I’m looking at this legal cannabis market …

Life-Changing Gains

I already told you about CBD’s health benefits. But it’s remarkably versatile. CBD is in shampoos, coffees, teas, body oils, candy, shakes, dog treats and more … . You can even walk into a store and buy CBD nowadays.

But we could see even bigger profits from hemp.

You see, hemp has about 50,000 industrial uses. You can use it to make clothes, paper and biodegradable plastics. So we’ll see a lot of hemp and CBD added to thousands of products.

The U.S. Hemp Crop Report shows acreage of hemp cultivation more than tripled from 2017 to 2018. And according to Grand View Research, the global industrial hemp market size will grow at an annual rate of 14% from now until 2025.

Here’s the thing … There’s not enough hemp in the world to meet this demand. Companies throughout the hemp value chain are scrambling to get involved.

So this is becoming a massive opportunity. And the best thing is, you don’t have to wait to play it …

I’ve found a way to make life-changing gains by getting in on the ground floor of this lucrative, legal cannabis market.

Now, I can’t reveal too much about it since it’s a limited venture. It’s a “sweetheart” deal in a market previously reserved for the wealthy. But I’ve uncovered a loophole allowing ordinary investors access.

I’ll share all the details with you during my free Pocket Change Millionaire Summit next Wednesday night. All you have to do to attend is reserve your spot right here.

Let the Game Come to You!


Teeka Tiwari

• This article was originally published by Bonner & Partners. You can learn more about Bill and Bill Bonner’s Diary right here.