Matt ClarkMatt Clark, CMSA®
Chief Research Analyst, Money & Markets

Matt Clark is a 25-year journalism veteran … and the Chief Research Analyst here at Money & Markets.

Matthew’s grandfather — an aerospace engineer — taught him to look and question everything.

25 years of investigative journalism experience later, and Matt’s covered everything from college sports to politics and business to stock investing. He has been awarded for investigative journalism, business reporting, editorial writing and sports coverage.

Matt’s a numbers guy. He’s always looking for more opportunities to highlight stocks within the market’s biggest mega trends.

As the Chief Research Analyst for Money & Markets, Matt sifts through the market using Adam O’Dell’s Stock Power Ratings system — the stock-picking strategy that underpins our investing publications.

Matt is the lead analyst, writer and voice behind our Money & Markets Daily newsletter. Every weekday, Matt brings you a top-rated stock that’s worth investing in … or sometimes, a low-rated stock that you should avoid at all costs.

His recommendations have yielded triple-digit returns using Adam O’Dell’s six-factor Stock Power Ratings system.

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