This Christmas was one for the books.

It was the first one in a long time that my wife and I stayed put.

With the hustle and bustle the holidays bring — plus everything going on in the world — a relaxing, peaceful Christmas together with our newborn son was just what we both needed.

I hope you and your family had a nice, quiet and enjoyable holiday, too.

But with this year ending in just a few days, I can’t help but feel excited for what 2021 will bring.

I’m almost certain that you feel the same way, too.

While 2020 brought many new challenges, restrictions and guidelines in order to keep the general public safe, it gave me a new yet long overdue opportunity to finally complete one of my life’s greatest accomplishments.

It’s called Green Zone Ratings.

This system automatically rates more than 8,000 stocks on the six factors known to drive market-beating returns, including Momentum, Size, Volatility, Value, Quality and Growth.

From there, it assigns a score for each factor, plus an overall score indicating whether it’s a buy, hold or sell.

Incredible Gains in 2020

I’m proud to report that it’s been able to produce some incredible gains over the past six months.

Take a look…

Name Ticker Reco Date Total Gain% 6 months Out Date Green Zone Rating
TopBuild Corp. BLD 6/23/2020 48.40% 12/20/2020 89
PJT Partners Inc. PJT 6/23/2020 30.30% 12/20/2020 96
PennyMac Financial Services Inc. PFSI 6/30/2020 57.90% 12/27/2020 93
Collectors Universe Inc. CLCT 7/7/2020 81.10% 1/3/2021 92
Celsius Holdings Inc. CELH 7/14/2020 58.10% 1/10/2021 82
American Superconductor Corp. AMSC 7/21/2020 91.30% 1/17/2021 78
Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd. TSM 7/21/2020 28.40% 1/17/2021 81
Infosys Ltd. ADR INFY 7/21/2020 24.30% 1/17/2021 87
Generac Holdings Inc. GNRC 7/28/2020 56.30% 1/24/2021 88
Renewable Energy Group Inc. REGI 8/18/2020 47.10% 2/14/2021 99
Matson Inc. MATX 8/18/2020 29.20% 2/14/2021 96
Fulgent Genetics Inc. FLGT 9/1/2020 24.70% 2/28/2021 75
Duluth Holdings Inc. DLTH 9/8/2020 27.00% 3/7/2021 97


And the ratings from this system are super helpful on their own. Like I just showed you, they often lead to some great potential profits.

But as I mentioned last week, I’ve been working on a way to take this already exciting system to the next level.

In fact, I’ve spent the last several months tinkering with and perfecting the Green Zone Ratings system.

I’ve used it as a foundation to help me find even BIGGER profit opportunities — and to find them more often.

These BIGGER profit opportunities are something I like to call “home run profits.”

Just before Christmas, I showed you some of my initial backtesting results. And even I was blown away by them.

Using one of my Green Zone stocks above — financial services stock PennyMac (NYSE: PFSI) — this new strategy was able to produce a 241% gain with PFSI in three months.

This is exciting…

But, it’s even more exciting when you consider PennyMac’s stock only gained about 57% in a six-month span…

This means that these new adjustments to the system could have helped me make 4X more on PennyMac in half the time!

I was thrilled to share this with you last week.

More Results: Home Run Profits

Today, I’m elated to share even more initial results with you.

You’ll quickly see why I said 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting, profitable year.

Recently, I took another stock from my Green Zone stock list above and put it to the test.

This time I used Celsius Holdings (Nasdaq: CELH).

It’s an energy drink company based in Boca Raton, Florida, which is less than an hour from me.

According to my Green Zone analysis, its stock performance during a six-month span was similar to PennyMac’s. It went up about 58%.

Now, that is a gain I wouldn’t mind making.

I’m sure you would agree with that.

But this new strategy allowed me to make a massive 430% gain in just a month.

Yes, you read that right.

With this new “home run profits” approach, I could have made 7X more on Celsius!

These results look so good that — from now until the end of the year — I’m testing out even more Green Zone stocks.

Again, I promise to keep you in the loop on what I find.

And like I said last week, I’ve made it my New Year’s resolution to bring you all these exciting results — plus the details behind this new strategy — shortly after the new year.

If you know nothing else about me, know that I’m a man of my word.

So stay tuned. I’ll be in touch soon.

In the meantime, I wish you and your family a Happy New Year!

To good profits,




Adam O’Dell

Chief Investment Strategist, Money & Markets