Welcome to the new year!

I want to help you start the year off right with a personal invitation to my Home Run Profits event on January 12 at 1 p.m. Eastern time.

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You see, next week, I’ll reveal all the details about a brand-new strategy that combines momentum and fundamental analysis.

Watch the video below for all the details.

Momentum Strategy

I call it “momentum convergence” when both short-term and long-term momentum are positive and market-beating.

This is based on a live strategy that I run with thousands of subscribers. We have a nine-year track record with this strategy, and we haven’t had a losing year yet.

We’ve earned profits of 136%, 155%, 213%, 337%, 430%, 483% and more — with an average hold time of just 71 days per trade!

When I designed this momentum strategy, I didn’t care much about company fundamentals.

But in recent years, I’ve realized something: Ignoring fundamentals leaves money on the table.

Fundamentals Strategy

Those who are familiar with my Green Zone Ratings system for stocks know that Value, Quality and Growth are the three “fundamentals” I examine when looking for a high-quality stock.

Combining my momentum strategy with the Green Zone Ratings model is our best way to get the best of both worlds (momentum and fundamental analysis) — and to ensure that we aren’t leaving any potential profits on the table.

You see, since April 2020, I’ve shared with my readers a list of 10 stocks each week. This “hotlist” of top-ranking Green Zone Ratings stocks includes the company name and ticker symbol … and some readers buy all 10 stocks.

Others pick their top one or two after researching the companies in more detail and buy shares.

But that got me thinking … what if we’re leaving money on the table just buying the stocks?

What if I recommended options trades on these stocks?

So my team and I back tested it.

We realized that we would have made dozens of triple-digit gains with options, including:

  • 114%.
  • 119%.
  • 241%.
  • 148%.
  • 430%.
  • 609%.
  • 280%.
  • 283%.
  • 200%.
  • 300%.
  • 113%.
  • 139%.
  • 109%.

…in 90 days or less.

Again, these gains are just on stocks my system identified beginning in April!

My Home Run Profits Guarantee: 100% Per Month

As part of our big event, I am willing to make a guarantee that I’ve never been comfortable making before.

I, Adam O’Dell, guarantee that you will have the chance to make at least one 100% gain every month over the course of a year with Home Run Profits.

The combination of my momentum convergence strategy and the Green Zone Ratings system is just that powerful.

Be sure to watch my video for all the details.

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