My son Leo is 14 months old. He’s been walking for two months now … and, to our surprise, is now also able to run.

It’s crazy — this time last year, our 2-month-old was just able to hold his head up!

Back then, I shared how I saw Leo as a “long-dated call option” because, as a newborn, he possessed unlimited potential. And I don’t mean that in a financial sense, but in a “the world is your oyster” type of way.

After spending a full year watching Leo grow and develop new abilities, I’ve been reflecting on what he’s taught me about being a father.

I keep circling on what I believe is a fundamental truth: “Change is the only constant.”

I swear that every two or three weeks, Leo is like a totally different little human. He looks different … his sleeping and feeding schedules are different … his needs and abilities are different.

He is constantly changing … evolving.

And I quickly learned how critical it is that I change and evolve with him. That I “meet him where he is.”

I learned how important it is that I’m in tune with his present reality … and, more than anything, that I stay flexible and adapt to that ever-evolving reality.

Of course, being adaptive is a skill I’m still learning as it relates to being a father.

But as an investment strategist, it’s a skill set … even a mindset … that I’m comfortable with. In fact, I credit the adaptive nature of the strategies I run as key to their success.

Consider my options-trading service, Home Run Profits, which I’ve run since 2012…

Home Run Profits’ 2021 Performance

My team just tallied our performance in 2021…

Overall, we closed 22 trades during the year — seven at a loss, 15 for profits.

We typically sell our winning positions in three portions — a feature of what I call my “runners” strategy — and we were able to lock in sizeable profits on several, including:

  • +100% on one-third of the position in a video-game maker’s stock in under a month, as well as an oil-and-gas industry fund in less than three months.
  • +168% on one-third of the position of a fund that holds shares of Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) in less than three months.
  • +212% on the final third of the position in an oil exploration company in five months.
  • +121% and +293% on two separate exits of one-third of the position in a trucking company in under five months.
  • +100%, +247% and +322% on three separate thirds of a position in a midcap regional bank in six months.

We also made gains on a pharmaceutical stock … a drugstore chain … a commodities exchange-traded fund (ETF) … a cloud-services software company … diversified baskets of utilities-, technology-, financial- and materials-sector stocks … oh, and a basket of Mexican stocks, as well as Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) and 3M Co. (NYSE: MMM) … and on a “long volatility” trade.

Again I’ll say we didn’t make profits on every trade — seven positions went against us.

But overall, we had another momentous year. And again, I credit much of our success to the adaptive nature of my Home Run Profits strategy.

I don’t allow the strategy to get locked in, or “stuck,” on just one market sector or stock.

Instead, I make sure it identifies the newest and best sources of market-beating momentum opportunities … no matter where they come from in the market or how quickly they change.

Don’t Get Stuck

Look back up at the types of stocks and ETFs we made plays on in 2021 … they run the gambit, from boring “old-economy” stocks in the oil-and-gas and transportation sectors to exciting “new-economy” stocks in the technology and health care sectors.

Last year brought the biggest inflation spike in memory … and my strategy was able to get us into materials and commodities sector plays that benefited.

This year also saw continued concern over the COVID-19 pandemic, in fits and starts … and my strategy got us into drugstore, vaccine maker and “face mask” stocks for market-beating gains.

And, of course, we’ll forever remember 2021 as the year of the great supply chain disruption!

Coincidentally or not, my strategy adapted to the market-beating momentum trends that economic event unleashed … allowing us to nearly triple our investment in a logistics and trucking company in less than five months.

My point is: 2021 was a crazy year … and I’m most proud of how well my strategy adapted to all the unexpected and unlikely sources of money-making opportunities.

Of course, I don’t expect the coming year to be any different. I’m sure that fundamental truth — that “change is the only constant” — will ring true in 2022 as well.

And with my Home Run Profits strategy by my side for the 10th year in a row, I say to that ever-changing market: “Bring it on!”

To good profits,

Adam O’Dell

Chief Investment Strategist

P.S. I can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for my Home Run Profits subscribers. Whatever happens, I know my system has what it takes to adapt and reveal new profit opportunities.

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