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Robotics and artificial intelligence are key spokes in the wheel of an America 2.0 economy.

Now that we’ve identified the trend early, it’s time to watch it enter an early adoption phase. That time is now.

Put Your Money Into the Robotics Rollout

One of Paul’s latest Profits Unlimited stock recommendations is in robotic automation.

While we navigate the current post-pandemic labor shortage here in the U.S. — with 10.4 million job openings at last count — this company acts as an interface so businesses can automate tasks that still require manual human labor.

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The mega trend and growing acceptance of robotic automation in the workplace are gaining ground.

A new study published by Hyperscience and reported by VentureBeat found that 81% of “people believe automation can lead to more meaningful work.”

While 63% of millennials “believe humans and machines can work together” and that “automation in the workplace is a good thing — especially if used to alleviate certain work burdens.”

This is telling.

automation chart

Whether you are prepared for it or not, robotic automation is a growing presence in today’s industrial, commercial and everyday life world.

Take self-driving delivery robots, for instance.

The early adoption of autonomous delivery robots has begun!

As reported by ZDNet, yet another university has rolled out roving delivery robots around their campuses.

robo delivery on campus

Starship Technologies, a private company helping to revolutionize the food and package delivery robot movement, has delivered 30 autonomous robots for food-service delivery to South Dakota State University.

The robots will deliver food items across three of the university’s campuses from restaurants like Papa Johns and Starbucks.

Starship Technologies’ robots are also in use at schools like Arizona State University, Purdue University, George Mason University and Northern Arizona University.

Self-driving delivery robots are even popping up in senior living communities!

Bear Robotics, another private company, specializes in developing robots to deliver food within restaurants as well as senior living resident communities.

Its 100% self-driving robot, called Servi, is a multi-tiered robot that runs food orders, busses tables, delivers food dishes and carries away dirty utensils.

robo food

Per Bear Robotics: “Servi tackles the small stuff so you can focus on excellent service and create elevated experiences.”

Autonomous food delivery robots like Starship robots and Servi are part of a growing automation trend across multiple industries.

This trend, officially known as the Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is projected to soar over the coming years.

According to the Association for Intelligent Information Management, “RPA is the term used for software tools that partially or fully automate human activities that are manual, rule-based and repetitive.”

Per Statista, the RPA market is forecast to grow from about $2 billion in 2021 to over $13 billion by 2030.

A 546% leap!

RPA market growth chart

And that projected growth is how you know it’s time to put your investment dollars here!

How to Ride the Robotic Automation Mega Trend

Paul is zeroed in on the robotic automation market.

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We are living during amazing advanced technological times.

Make sure your America 2.0 portfolio reflects these future-forward mega trends.

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