If you were confronted with the opportunity to make the trade of a lifetime, do you think you’d go through with it?

Imagine, for example, that it’s 1939…

It’s been a full decade since the “Black Friday” crash that sparked the Great Depression, and now you’re reading headlines about conflict in Europe. Another massive war with unknown consequences. It seems like a nightmare scenario.

But for legendary investor John Templeton, it was precisely the news he’d been waiting for.

Templeton called his broker on the very day that Germany and the Axis Powers declared war and ordered him to buy shares of every American stock trading under $1.

Templeton guessed (correctly) that wartime demand would revitalize the U.S. economy. His stocks soared, and he made a fortune in a few short years.

Or what about September of 1992 — when the soon-to-be European Union was on the verge of a falling out with the United Kingdom?

This seemed like another disaster scenario, where failed bureaucracy could decimate the global economy. Politicians assured the public that everything was fine, but fund manager George Soros called their bluff.

Soros placed a considerably risky trade, shorting the British pound to the tune of about $10 billion. September 16, 1992, became the day that Soros “broke the Bank of England,” as his trade cleared an estimated $1 billion in profit in one day.

And then there’s 2007, when stocks were soaring across the board, and banks were making billions off collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) and subprime mortgages.

Most folks were eager to go with the flow and watch their portfolios grow.

Michael Burry, John Paulson and a handful of other investors took a closer look… They soon realized the real estate market was in “bubble” mode. Using exotic derivatives to short the market, they eventually made billions when it all came crashing down.

These are the kinds of trades that legends are made of.

But you don’t have to be a legend or even a professional on Wall Street to cash in on the trade of a lifetime.

And thanks to one rapidly growing asset class, these kinds of incredible opportunities are now coming around more often than you might realize…

2024’s Next Mega Breakout

Over the last 15 years, cryptocurrency has emerged from a fringe internet project to become a trillion-dollar asset class.

After a couple of years of sideways trading, bitcoin, the world’s first and most successful crypto, is up more than 40% year to date. It began surging higher shortly after the approval and release of 11 new spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds. It recently set a new all-time high of over $73,000 per coin.

As I’ve explained in past issues, my Green Zone Power Ratings system isn’t optimized for crypto opportunities. I designed it to focus on stocks, and there are no plans to change that. That hasn’t kept us from cashing in with triple-digit gains on a lucrative bitcoin miner in 10X Stocks.

But when it comes to finding the biggest crypto opportunities, I turn to my friend and Banyan Hill’s resident crypto expert — Ian King.

Ian’s always on the cutting edge of crypto and new tech opportunities.

Back in December 2020, when bitcoin’s last bull market was just getting underway, Ian realized that alternative cryptos (“altcoins”) were primed to outperform the biggest name in the game.

One of these altcoins was Terra (LUNA), which Ian immediately recognized for its unique infrastructure and integrated staking benefits. He recommended it to his subscribers, explaining:

Not only do I see our last cryptocurrency growing 12-fold in the next year, but it could be up 100-fold in the next decade.

Ian was right.

But it didn’t take a decade for him to lock in a 100-fold gain on LUNA.

Instead, it only took about a year.

After broadcasting his buy recommendation on December 17, 2020, he closed out the final portion of his position on December 22, 2021…

For a gain of 18,325%.

That’s a 183X gain.

Or enough to turn a $10,000 starting investment into $1.8 million.

This isn’t just a hypothetical either — these were real-world gains for bold subscribers who followed Ian’s advice.

One of Ian’s readers attended this year’s Total Wealth Symposium in Orlando, Florida … just so she could thank Ian for helping her pay off her house all at once.

That wasn’t Ian’s only “once in a lifetime” crypto trade, either.

He also recommended Solana during that same fateful December in 2020, with a portion of the position still open today and showing 11,873% gains.

When it comes to breakout cryptos, I’m always eager to hear what Ian has to say.

And right now, he’s ringing the bell — urging investors to buy into a whole new generation of altcoins before bitcoin’s 4th halving next month.

If you’re curious about cryptos or wondering what “The 4th Halving” really means for the future of this innovative asset class — Ian has you covered.

His special video update just went live today, and Money & Markets Daily readers can view it for free right HERE:

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To good profits,

Adam O’Dell
Chief Investment Strategist