Although the stock market is booming, just 54 percent of Americans are earning money as investors. Part of the reason for this is that historically, investing was only a possibility for the wealthy, as it costs time and money.

In recent years, however, advances in technology are making the stock market more accessible to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Here are a few of the ways modern technology is changing the game for investors across America.

Cheap and Accessible Robo-Advisers

People have long used highly skilled financial advisers to guide them in investing their wealth. In exchange for a small percentage of returns, the adviser would take a client’s money and place it in markets that promised to yield a profit. While hiring a financial adviser might improve returns, it can also be costly and inconvenient.

Nowadays, online platforms are taking the place of a financial adviser for many investors. Using advanced software algorithms, these so-called “robo advisers” can automatically build a diversified portfolio for you. The software can also monitor and make changes to your investments as needed.

Robo-advisers tend to be more accurate than humans when judging the stock market. They’re not subject to the emotions, whims or biases of financial advisers. What’s more, they’re affordable, charging a minimal percent of returns. Most robo-advisers don’t have a minimum account size requirements either, making it easier to invest smaller amounts.

Apps for Learning, Planning and Trading

Apps designed for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices can help to turn novice investors into experts. Educational apps go over the basics of investing in different marketplaces while planning apps can help to show users the best strategy to earn a healthy profit. Investors can also use free trading apps to buy and sell stocks without paying commission.

With the apps being on mobile devices, people can check their stocks from just about anywhere. This can give investors peace of mind when on the go to make sure their portfolio is on the right track. Apps also make it easier to track profits and progress over the months to get a better idea of what stocks succeed and which don’t, helping you to make wise investments in the future.

Technology is changing the face of investing. It’s becoming easier than ever to plan out a portfolio and earn an income through investments. With any luck, robo-advisers and investment apps will encourage growth within the stock market as more Americans choose to start investing.