Money & Markets Chief Investment Strategist Adam O’Dell is launching his 10X Profits service May 14 and so this week, on The Bull & The Bear, we take a deep dive into his philosophies that will help you increase your profits with two simple investments.

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In anticipation of his 10X Profits launch, staff writer Matthew Clark and O’Dell discussed the history and some of the methodology behind his proven trading philosophy.

O’Dell tells you directly how he built the 10X Profits system to be one that can net you 28,000% gains if held over the long term.

He also talked about how dispersion factors in to the 10X Profits philosophy.

The biggest takeaway is that the system is simple — and it works, even when the market is volatile. Investors often believe that because the market is a complex operation, your investment strategy should be, too. To O’Dell, that doesn’t have to be the case and he has the numbers to back prove it.

The 10X Profits system uses just two exchange-traded funds to capture gains for investors — a “bull ETF” and a “bear ETF ” — even when the market is volatile.

Read about O’Dell’s bull ETF philosophy, and check back Monday for more on his bear ETF philosophy.

To learn more about 10X Profits, click here.

Clark also sat down with M&M contributor Charles Sizemore to discuss how you can earn gains in your portfolio even while markets are trying to recover — like now from the coronavirus crash.

Clark also discussed his four factors to find profit that include looking at the tech sector, investigating a prospective company’s balance sheet, looking for sound dividends and checking an overlooked indicator.

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