Everyone I talk to these days is wondering the exact same thing…

“Are we witnessing the bull market’s final days?”

 And then additional questions naturally follow…

“If this is the end of the bull… what should I do next?”

That’s the obvious question.

The less-obvious ones are…

“But what if this bull market ISN’T finished, just yet?”

“If that’s the case… then what should I do?”

These are essentially the only questions pouring into my inbox these days.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re the same questions you’ve been chewing on yourself, either head-on or “in the back of your mind,” so to speak.

They’re totally natural questions.

But ironically, you really don’t need to know whether a “bull” or “bear” is coming next… to still make tons of money, either way.

What you do need are these three things:

  • A flexible mindset. That is, a willingness to switch positions when warranted, and an “inner peace” about not knowing for sure what’s next.
  • A systematic “market-timing” model one that tells you definitively whether to position for a bullish “boom” rally or, instead, for a bearish “bust.”
  • Just two ETFs. That is, one “bull” ETF, for when the model’s in “bull mode”… and one “bear” ETF, for when trouble’s ahead.

Hear me out…

This is Super Simple (and Lucrative)

M&M Chief Investment Strategist Adam O’Dell

I know it’s hard to fathom how just two exchange-traded fund (“ETFs”), a bull ETF and a bear ETF, could hand you market-trouncing returns, no matter which way the market goes next.

Most of you know me as an options guy.

And I’ve had a tons of success (and fun) racking up triple-digit profits on option trades — often for as much as 300% and 400%!

But not everyone’s into options trading, I realize.

And that’s why, since 2016, I’ve been running an even simpler market-beating strategy for a select group of my readers…

One that is implemented without options.

One that plays both “booms” and “busts.”

One that requires, yes… just two ETFs.

It hasn’t always been easy. But over time, our focus on trading the markets booms and busts, with just two ETFs, has paid off big time.

We’ve of course had our ups and downs, like any strategy does. But what I’m most proud of is my strategy’s ability to… squeeze the most money possible from a bull market (even as it’s “dying”)… to navigate a “top”… and, perhaps most important of all, to still rake it in during a bear-market crash (even when we don’t know for sure how long it will last, how bad it will be or when it’s coming).

My ‘Bull ETF’

Let me show you some “boom-time” examples of my model’s historical trades.

bull market stock market bull ETFThere are of course some notable instances from this current bull market

Like when my model latched on to a bullish trend between August 2013 and November 2014… and the “bull ETF” we use in 10X Profits gained a market-beating 81% by the time my model said to sell.

And more recently, my model recommended a “bull ETF” trade in January 2019… and we held that one until February 2020, when I told my readers to take partial profits of more than 100% (this was not an options trade… we gained 100% on an ETF!).

But there’s also a slew of bullish profits my model identified in 2006… 2007… even 2008 — as the last bull market was slowing… dying… and eventually rolling over.

My 10X Profits model captured bullish market-beating profits of…

  • 3% in just 16 days (520% annualized) in October 2006, as the U.S. housing market was peaking.
  • 4% in just 9 days (2,485% annualized) in June 2007, only months before the top.
  • 3% in only 11 days (655% annualized) in September 2007, just one month before the top.
  • 9% in just 15 days (712% annualized) in October 2007, precisely as the stock market was topping.
  • Even 8.2% in 26 days (200% annualized) in April 2008, despite the market being in bear-market territory at that point.

Realize, these are market-beating gains… made by one simple bull ETF… during a time of max-uncertainty, as no one really knew at the time when that bull would end, or just how bad the ensuing crash would actually be!

I think that’s pretty powerful!

And it’s why I’m telling you today: You don’t need to know whether a big “bull” or big “bear” comes next.

My market-timing model — the one I share in my 10X Profits service — is designed to adapt to and capitalize on both bull and bear markets.

Markets are extremely volatile right now. And investors remain skittish even after the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be over. But these factors alone don’t mean the bull market has to end immediately.

If the bull market mounts another rally from here, my market-timing model will “make hay while the sun shines,” as they say.

And of course, if the other “bearish” scenario plays out… we’ll adapt to that too, and position accordingly for crisis-market profits — which, if 2008 is any guide, could help you triple your money in just months… as the crisis unfolds.

For more details on that scenario, you’ll want to see this presentation on 10X Profits.

And make sure you check out my next Money & Markets article on Monday, in which I’ll cover my market-timing model’s handling of the 2008 crash… and reveal the only “Bear ETF” you’ll need to conquer the next crash.

To good profits,

Adam O’Dell
CMT, Chief Investment Strategist, Money & Markets

• Using his unique blend of technical and quantitative analysis, Adam’s sole focus is to find and bring you investment opportunities that return the maximum profit with minimum risk.