We all know that the stock market can be volatile.

Even more now than before as the coronavirus outbreak is in its second stage.

A way for investors to safeguard their investments is to look toward safe havens.

The big safe haven that investors are pouring into now more than ever is gold. And the gold market seems well-supported for the world’s second-round battle with COVID-19.

In this episode of The Bull & The Bear, host Matthew Clark talks with Money & Markets Chief Investment Strategist Adam O’Dell and contributor Charles Sizemore about the gold market and where it’s going.

We’ll give you the insight you need to make the right decisions on how and when to invest in the precious metal.

We’ll also compare gold as an investment to bitcoin — the world’s largest cryptocurrency — and tell you which is a better bet to invest in during market volatility.

Pro tip: O’Dell has identified a little-known gold investment that can give you up to nine times more profit than buying gold coins, exchange-traded funds or bullion. Check it out here.

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