This coronavirus spread is just insane.

We’re setting new records in the U.S. for confirmed cases just about every day.

That has led to a second round of lockdowns from California to Miami Beach.

As the virus spreads, biotech companies around the world are racing to be first to the market with a vaccine — not only for the benefit of humanity but for the bottom line.

But the rise in biotech goes beyond just finding a vaccine for the coronavirus.

Today, you’re going to find out about a segment of biotech that is set for a massive breakout. As an investor, this sets up a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor and earn triple-digit profits in short order.

But first, let me explain how the entire biotech industry is on the rise.

Biotech Industry’s Rapid Growth

The biotech industry was surging even before the coronavirus pandemic. (Note: I wrote about the rise in biotech here).

From March 2009, the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index (NBI) jumped a tremendous 584% to its peak in July 2015. For comparison, the S&P 500 only rose 215% during that same time.

The NBI suffered a significant dip in March 2020, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. But since that drop, the index has gained 53%!

Nasdaq Biotechnology Index Soars

Even with the dip, we see the biotech industry continuing to grow through the end of the year.

This Little-Known Biotech Segment Deserves Attention

As you can see in the chart above, the overall biotech industry is thriving.

But a little-known segment of that industry will break out to the upside in the coming months.

I’m talking about genomics.

According to the National Human Genome Research Institute, genomics is “the study of all of a person’s genes, including interactions of those genes with each other and with the person’s environment.”

Researchers study genomics and DNA sequencing to find how diseases are created and how they progress.

In essence, companies that specialize in genomics study the human gene to better tailor drug therapy for various ailments, including COVID-19.

Money & Markets Chief Investment Strategist Adam O’Dell sees this segment growing 90% in market value in the next three years.

Genomics on the Rise

Adam’s Take on Genomics

In May, Adam recommended a biotech company specializing in genomics to his Green Zone Fortunes readers.

This company has already yielded a 32.7% gain in just two months!

The company has grown its revenue an average of 188% per year over the last three years.

He told his readers this about the segment:

“The field of DNA research spans everything from chemical manufacturing and big agriculture, to health care therapeutics and precision-medicine diagnostics. It could even revolutionize data storage … a ‘moonshot’ project that the company I’m recommending is already leading.”

What’s more is he called genomics “big, big business.”

And he’s right. The global market value for genomics is only going to grow. Here’s what Adam said about that:

“All told, the genomics market is already lucrative and growing like gangbusters.”

Because of this massive explosion in the genomics sector, the time is now to find the right investment to realize huge gains in a short amount of time.

Stay tuned to Money & Markets. Adam and I will keep you posted on the most promising genomics companies we find.