Everyone on the Money & Markets team has said it in one way or another, but it bears repeating: We’re so excited to have Mike Carr join on as our chief market technician. Mike’s bringing his unique perspective and incredible expertise on financial markets and the economy straight to you.

Mike’s been featured in some capacity on Money & Markets and in the Stock Power Daily for a few years now, but we’re taking it to the next level now. That’s why we wanted to make space for you all to get to know what Mike’s all about over these last few weeks.

Of course, we’re also excited for you to learn more about his approach to the markets and investing. With his well of technical knowledge and deep understanding of the inner workings of the economy, Mike knows how to find opportunities flying under the radar. He’ll have more on one specific (and brand-new) strategy tomorrow, so keep your eyes out for that issue of Stock Power Daily.

But for today, we wanted to highlight what you might’ve missed as we brought Mike on board. Check it out below.

On Mike’s Background and Approach to Market Trends

  • Why I Joined the Money & Markets Team: If you’re wondering why Mike is here, read on. You’ll also find some of Mike’s top stories from the last couple of years.
  • The Best Advice Mike Ever Got… Matt Clark sat down with Mike for a brief interview. He revealed his unique path into finance after decades of service in the Air Force and the best advice he received during his storied career.
  • Twice the Value … Twice the Insight: Adam O’Dell also had a chance to have a fireside chat with Mike, and they got into the nitty-gritty of today’s biggest market themes. They discussed the future of artificial intelligence (AI) and settled the debate between value and momentum investing.
  • This Bull Can Vault Over a Wall of Worry: There’s a lot of fear circulating in markets right now amid high interest rates, persistent inflation and major conflicts around the globe. But Mike shows you why this bull market can continue nonetheless.

On AI, Back Testing and Seasonality

  • Become an AI Trader Before the Real Boom: We’re in the middle of the next tech renaissance with AI, but Mike argues the real boom hasn’t even hit yet. He walks you through the potential AI serves as an investing tool, and shows you how to gain an edge. The best part is he’s included a video lecture that he’d normally reserve for his students at the New York Institute of Finance.
  • The Most Lucrative 6 Months Are Here: Mike is revealing his Apex Profit Calendar tomorrow, and if you want to know why it pays to track seasonality in the market, you’ve got to check out this video.
  • The Best ETF Trade to Make This Quarter: Sticking with seasonality, Mike walked through the best six months of the year and how you can take advantage by trading one exchange-traded fund. He even added a second trade because he’s just that kind of guy!

As you can see, Mike’s bringing a lot to the Money & Markets table. And you’re going to be the ultimate beneficiary as he works alongside Adam, Matt and the rest of the team.

Watch out for Mike’s Apex Alert summit tomorrow. If you want to take advantage of the strongest trading season, you won’t want to miss this.

Have a fantastic week!

— Chad Stone, Managing Editor, Money & Markets